The China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), which is part of the Ministry of Industry and Information technology, announced that it is creating its first monthly Global Public Chain Assessment Index. The platform has been designed in order to offer detailed reviews of global blockchain projects.

CCID Promotes Blockchain Technology

This is not the first time that China is promoting distributed ledger technology in the country. In the past, the CCID established the Blockchain Research Institute and the China Ecological Blockchain Alliance. These projects aim to strengthen the use of distributed ledger technology and increase the number researchers in the sector.

During the event in which the new Index was presented, representatives informed that it was necessary to identify public chain objects:

  • Applications must have an own independent chain.
  • Entities should be able to freely create and operate full nodes on the network.
  • It should have a block explorer published.
  • It must run on open-source code.
  • Team members should be easily contacted through the website.

The conference was hosted by Dr. Songtao Pu, member of the CCID Think Tank. Other individuals present were Dr. Quan Liu, Dr. Tao Lv and Anlei Wei, all of them important figures from the technological and blockchain world in China.

The first batch of assessment objects were identified: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Neo, Dash, and many others including ARK, Ethereum Classic, Nano, and Quantum Chain.


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