Baidu has been dubbed as the new Google for the China market, is soon going to be launching some rewards and also announce the new layout for the blockchain project they have in store, called the Totem. Expect to hear about all this in the upcoming conference that will be held on the 18th of July.

More About The Totem Platform

Totem is a platform that has been based on the blockchain technology, which was launched in April by Baidu. The platform has been designed to utilize the blockchain technology in order to manage the intellectual property rights for the various images properly. The company aims at enabling a more efficient process in the ownership of images and also be in a position to prevent any infringements, this is according to the company website.

The information for the copyright of the image has been permanently written into the blockchain technology. It has been based on the incomprehensibility and also credibility that surrounds the blockchain, all this has been combined with the leading artificial intelligence technology designed by Baidu.

With this in place, it makes the dissemination of all the art pieces around to be easily traceable, easily monitored, re-printable and even change the copyright for some of the traditional images.

More Benefits To Be Enjoyed On The Platform

With the use of the blockchain technology Totem is able to allow more transparency to take place in the image rights and even the process of licensing. This is not all as the platform will also go ahead to take advantage of the artificial intelligence of Baidu to help in proper monitoring of any violations that might arise from copyright in the web.

Totem is able to conduct adequate monitoring of any network infringements on the various original items, and from here it is able to produce a visual data report quickly. Then from here, it has all been entrusted to lawyers to enable proper initiation of rights protection on the web.

More Developments Taking Place

The rewards that are being offered on Totem will work as an incentive mechanism on the company platform. And this has been made open to various functions such as easy uploads. But expect to see some expansions and developments like some transactions taking place.

The platform has gone ahead to encourage the designers, photographers and the other original authors in the market to go ahead and submit an online application. Once their identity has been verified, they will be able to upload their work on the platform easily.

The Totem platform is not the only one taking advantage of the blockchain technology for the intellectual property rights. Kodak is also getting on to this, as early this year the company announced the launch of their cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that they called the KODAKCoin and KODAKOne.

KODAKOne has been designed to work a little similar to the Totem platform; it allows various photographers to quickly register their images on the platform that they could go ahead and license. The company’s primary goal in the development of this platform is to enable the various photographers the ability to have greater control over the images that they take.

In Jan 31st, the initial coin offering for KODAKCoin was scheduled to take place, but ever since it has been delayed. It was suggested that the offering would be open to the accredited investors located in the United Kingdom, the United States, and a few other countries. Something that we all need to be on the lookout for.

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