Chinese Search Engine Giant Baidu Releases Super Chain Blockchain White Paper

Baidu, a search engine based in China that is also known as “China’s Google,” is taking the opportunity to use blockchain in their latest venture – a knowledge quiz application. The application is called Duyuzhou, which basically translates to Du Universe in English.

This new quiz will first start with the concept of creating a digital universe with all of the components of a real one – planets, elements, and even gravitation. When users participate on the app, they have to collect the different components. Once collected, the different elements are monetized, which is how consumers earn more n the app. Users also have different incentives when they expand their digital planet.

Consumers will become quite familiar with the Duyuzhou token, since that is what the user receives as payment for their actions on the app. The coins can be used within the community, and participants are offered 100 “elements” as an inventive to play on the first day that they register. This amount will decrease over time, so it is important that interested investors take the time now to get involved.

According to Baidu, the app has a function that lets consumers participate in related activities with different quizzes. On Thursday this week, consumers were given access to a few quiz opportunities to coincide with the World Cup. Still, the company continues to bring in new content producers for the app to ensure continued incentives for players. They will make the app available to other platforms as well to ensure that they can offer other activities.

Most recently, Baidu decided to promote their newly launched super-chain, which is an operating system that works with both Ethereum and Bitcoin systems. Asia Pte. Ltd., which is a Singapore-based gaming platform, has followed suit, deciding a few months ago to recruit users to beta test a project called Financie.

Abdul Malek, who is the public relations executive for Asia Pte. Ltd., said that the eSports players on their platform would be on digital trading cards. Their fans would be able to get into the crypto world by purchasing coins to exchange the cards while gaming. Additionally, the value of these cards will be decided by the fans, who add value as the cards are more frequently traded.

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