China’s State Drug Administration reported that China’s pharmaceutical company, Changsheng Biotechnology has been falsifying information regarding the production of its rabies vaccine. This pushed the entire country to a state of shock, with the news surfacing to many parts of the world.

As for the vaccination under consideration, the firm was asked to stop its production altogether, with finished products being recalled. Instead of sparking rage within the crypto-sphere, many fanatics quickly proposed the use of blockchain to store vaccine data.

Many believe that it would not only prevent one from making changes to it, but consumers also will be able to track every inch of detail, from its production processes all the way to its prices and deliveries. This is all possible given that the data is stored on a “tamper-proof ledger”, as per Coin Desk’s quote.

Among crypto supports is Li Xiaolai, who issued a complete piece of work, which addresses the concern at hand and a feasible solution via his WeChat channel. It appears that his belief revolves around the notion of publicizing data that involves the people. He stresses the importance of recording the details, as it will protect consumers, while punishing those who are in the wrong.

As per Xiaolai’s quote:

“With a traceable chain of data, it’s easier to hold people accountable once a vaccine is found with problems […] And for children who might be harmed by problematic vaccines, it will be also easier for them to claim for damages.”

For the time being, such use of blockchain is yet to accomplished, however it wouldn’t be long before it does become an established one. According to Xiaolai, a “token-less blockchain technology has got pretty good prototypes so far. But given people’s misunderstanding of blockchain […] it’s hard to put those applications into usage whether for government agencies or non-profit organizations.”

Blockchain Used for Concealing?

While China is yet to establish a blockchain solution for vaccine data, it has supposedly been used to avoid China’s “Great Firewall”, which houses many concealed articles. An example of this is that of an article, “The Vaccine King”, which addressed the many cons associated with how Changsheng Biotechnology has operated over its time of existence. The information was quickly shut downed and permanently removed from the internet.

While such actions were allegedly done to prevent the public from stress and outrage, crypto fanatics believe it should still remain to the people and for the people. To ensure that such concealed information has been brought to light, coders have managed to retrieve the original post through the Ethereum blockchain. Consumers can also turn to to get hold of censored information.

Will China agree to implement blockchain technology for the sake of data integrity?

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