Chinese Search Giant Baidu Baike Utilizes Blockchain To Record Entries’ Revision History

Chinese Search Giant, Baidu, Now Using Blockchain Technology To Record Entries’ Revision Histories

Baidu Baike, the Chinese search giant comparable to Wikipedia, is now utilizing the blockchain technology to record entries’ revision histories. This is a move aimed at bringing intelligibility and traceability to the online service. Although the integration has not been announced publicly, searches in the encyclopaedia service clearly indicate this reality.

This is because every item’s previous revisions are now recorded on blockchain with a definite hash value. An official from Baidu asserted that the blockchain feature was made evident to the public on Monday. However, the hashing seems to have begun the previous week on the basis on the timestamp of some previous revisions.

The Issue Of Accessing The Hashed Data

Due to the fact that the particular service is set up on Baidu’s own blockchain platform, it is not possible to access the hashed data. Accessing the hashed data would assist to establish exactly which of a revision’s details are being recorded on the blockchain. Information like the name of the contributor and reasons for revisions are not easy to determine.

According to the spokesperson from Baidu, the main objective of the incorporation of blockchain technology into their system is mainly to assist certify the reliability of the encyclopaedia. Like Wikipedia, Baidu allows anyone to edit its content, even though the technical questions are not being adequately addressed.

Serving The Chinese Community

Following its launch in 2008, Baidu Baike has been known to principally serve the Chinese community, especially because its international equivalent, Wikipedia, was banned in China. Its own data indicate that as of February 2018, it holds over 15.2 million entries, with well over six million voluntary contributors making revisions.

This news in many ways marks the latest efforts by the Chinese search giant to experiment with blockchain technology in its system. According to previous reports by CoinDesk, following the launch of its own blockchain as a service platform at the beginning of the year, the company has been seen to be moving to try different blockchain technologies.

In the recent past, Baidu has tested a number of these applications such as CryptoKitties knock-off. The most recent trial was a blockchain based stock photo service.

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