Chronicled is a smart supply chain solution that can be used to secure exchange of physical assets. This is one the companies that have decided to use artificial intelligence, the internet of things and blockchain combined to create solutions that can power the logistics market.

This company was created with the objective of bringing trust to the world market of commerce. This way, Chronicled can empower business owners to use the technology of blockchain in a way that will make their businesses grow.

By developing decentralized protocols for supply chains, this product will enable them to enforce cross-organization without actually needing to worry about aspects like the security of the private data of their company. The company was founded in 2014 and it already has offices in San Francisco, New York and Kiev.

How Chronicled Works?

As stated, Chronicled’s main feature is to be a supply chain network with fast feedback and strong security against informational breaches. Its code will be open source and can be used by third parties via an API. The code will be completely open source and will support Quorum, Ethereum and the Fabric blockchain.

It will work on both desktop computers and smartphones and have a sync engine that will let you manage the information from anywhere without having to store the data locally.

Chronicled uses middleware and also smart contracts to make transactions and register cryptographic identities that will be used to access the files and records that will be shared on the platform. It will be compliant with GS-1 standards, private, enable unique transfers of information and ownership of items.

The company is already funded and it has decided against Initial Coin Offerings as it understood that traditional ways of fundraising were more appropriate to its situation.

The Chronicled Solutions

Chronicled has devised some important solutions. One of them is to work as a way to verify product identities and act as an anti-counterfeiting measure. The company creates identity types that can be used to secure links between the blockchain information and the real world identities.

It can also work as a way to automate supply chains of precious metals and pharmaceutical goods. Another solutions include cold chain monitoring, that can be used to track the temperature of ointment products and as an API.

The Chronicled Team

The team that manages this project has more than 80 years of combined experience to help them to make the project better. Ryan Orr (CEO), Maurizio Greco (CTO) and Samantha Radocchia (CMO) are all entrepreneurs that co-founded the company. Their key members are Susanne Somerville, Ajit Kulkarni, Abhishek Gutgutia, Eric Garvin and David Aho.

Also members of the team are Alicia Baron (director or operations), Allen Hernandez (senior software engineer), Irwin Simpeto (product designer), Maksym Petkus (senior blockchain engineer), Charles Armstrong (compliance director), Sota Watanabe (marketing associate), Nehal Mehta (director or talent) and others.

The advisory boards is made of businessmen which years of experience (many of them as cryptographers). Their members are David Schwartz, Adam Marsh, Alex Mizrashi, Adam Krellenstein, Zaki Manian, James Bond (this is actually his real name), Andrew Lockhart, Chris Dannen, Johnson Lau, AG Gangadhar and David Luna.

The Chronicled Conclusion

Chronicles looks like a safe bet because it is an already structured company that has all the assets and the technology to succeed in the market. You cannot invest in this company, as it does not have an ICO, but if you are interested in its services, you can always contact to use them or take its API and develop something on your own.

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