What Is Chubex?

Chubex describes itself as the most secure open digital assets exchange platform based on the latest Ethereum technologies. The innovative technologies that make Chubex the dependable exchange platform it is can be effectively used or implemented by anyone with basic knowledge of digital asset exchange even with no knowledge of the protocols that necessitate privacy, transparent transactions, and anonymity. The best thing about Chubex is that the company has invested in the most advanced security a protocol that guarantees the security and privacy of the users transacting on the company’s platform.

How Chubex Decentralized Digital Asset Trading Exchange Works

The primary essence of the Chubex digital asset exchange platform is to offer a platform that makes it easy and cost-free to send digital assets such as cryptocurrency directly from one individual to another, without the need for a trusted third-party, and without revealing sensitive personal information such as legal names. As it keeps the users fully anonymous, it is the perfect platform to carry out all kinds of personal and business transactions.

Because it applies wallet to wallet embedded technology, Chubex makes it possible for its users to trade securely and to retain their digital assets without the need to deposit it into a third-party exchange wallet. The platform itself is safe from scammers, hackers, and high transaction fees, and its reliance on an intelligent artificial technology means that a user’s identity can be verified with the address and not necessarily using personal information verification.

Chubex CBX Token ICO Details

Chubex is offering an ICO to raise funds for use in the development of the exchange platform, server development and security, human resource, business development, collaborate with PR& Marketing, and to raise project awareness.

  • Token Name: Chubex
  • Symbol: CBX
  • Technology: Ethereum Smart Contracts (ERC20)
  • Maximum CAP on crowdsale: 175,000,000 CBX
  • Total CBX Tokens supply : 250,000,000 CBX Tokens, of which :
  • Ethereum ERC20 token.
  • Token Address: 0xD309865f2ab3Ca793d167B595D372905A1cA6eb1
  • Purchase method accepted: ETH

What Makes Chubex Special?

There are hundreds if not thousands of active cryptocurrency exchange platforms in operations now. However, they are all different from the rest in one or more ways. Chubex presents itself as an end-to-end cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers maximum security and transparency guaranteed by its fully decentralized blockchain platform that runs on Ethereum’s Smart Contracts blockchain platform. This level of security is what is required to make a successful cryptocurrency exchange platform that digital currency owners will appreciate.

The perfect balance of anonymity, transparency, privacy, and security is what makes Chubex the new revolutionary open digital asset exchange system that demands no knowledge on the protocols and technical workings of the various complex aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The tool uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that all transmitted data is protected, and that no malicious individuals gain access to users’ personal data or digital assets. Chubex is a safe trading environment that users can feel confident buying and selling cryptocurrency on.

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