Cibus World CBT ICO Review

Cibus is a new platform that deals exclusively with Italian food products. It seeks to eliminate expensive middle men by connecting the buyer directly to the seller. Buyers are now able to meet national as well as foreign food sellers directly without ever going through a third party.

Cibus World CBT promises to revolutionize the food and supplement industry by ensuring that you only get the best food. It will help you trace your dietary needs from their source and also enable you to scan packages using your phone to know the source of your food. Cibus has a decentralized blockchain enabled food ecosystem that will enable users to track and buy food and other supplements.

What Cibus World CBT Has to Offer

Cibus Trace

This is a food tracing app on the blockchain technology. It will provide users with up to date, accurate, reliable and legally valid information of food products and health supplements they intend to buy. It will also show the consumers the source of their food.

Cibus Social

Customers will interact directly sellers. It is a platform in which buyers will give direct feedback to producers and manufacturers. This feedback will enable health specialists and food connoisseurs to work together in a bid to improve of consumers’ dietary needs.

Cibus Trade

This platform will provide a global market place where traders and buyers will engage freely and easily. It aims to create a trustworthy and transparent trading environment.

Cibus Retail

This platform seeks to reduce the cost of goods by linking buyers directly to manufacturers. It will by large eliminate unnecessary middle men.

Other Features Include:

Cibus Ad

It is a decentralized advertising platform. It is customizable to sellers and provides analytics and content rich tools. It will enable sellers to directly advertise their products to consumers.

Cibus Affiliate

With this platform, businesses will have a chance of increasing their traffic and thus increase their sales. It will enable them to connect to leading social media influencers. The affiliate program offers incentives that will encourage those who are already part of the system to market the platform hence increasing the traffic.

Cibus World CBT Logistics

This platform offers global logistics solutions using geo-tracking. It records and stores transport conditions of food and supplements products on smart contracts to allow you to know those that are in good condition. You will always be a step ahead with this platform when it comes to food and health supplements.

In order to make all this happen, Cibus is selling tokens to finance the project. The pre-sale is set to end after 35 days. If you want to participate in this project, you can sign up and get some free Cibus tokens and then build your way up through affiliate earnings, or you can purchase some tokens.

Cibus accepts payments in Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin among other established digital currencies. The cost of 1000 CBT is 1 Ether. You’ll earn bonus tokens depending on the amount you buy and the time you buy.

Cibus aims at using these tokens as the only medium of transactions within the Ecosystem. The tokens will allow users to have access to all the functionalities within this system.

While Cibus Ecosystem seems to offer a viable solution to some food problems, it still acts as a third party with its services. Until it is operational and tested, we cannot vouch for it, but seems to have a promising future.

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