What Is CICoin? is an investment company in which you can invest a certain amount of money in the company and you will receive an interest rate on this investment for a certain type. The company uses your money mainly for trading and then use arbitration skills to make the money grow and deliver some profit back to the investors.

By using automated software and having a team that claims to be experienced, the company states that it is able to create highly profitable portfolios, which can get up to almost 6000% of profit in 2017, which is somewhat fishy since the company was recently created.

CICoin Crypto Investment Program & Tools

The main way to profit from is by investing. This feature is “coming soon”, the company states. While the feature is not yet implemented, the company already has some examples of how you can invest money to get at least 0.3% daily, but probably much more.

  • 5 days: up to 10%
  • 15 days: up to 38%
  • 30 days: up to 81%
  • 75 days: up to 225%
  • 120 days: up to 420%

You can pretty much see that the growth of the company is exponential and that the more days you leave the money there, the bigger will be your profits. While not stated by the company, you will probably have to invest more money to get in the higher programs.

CiCoin CIC Token ICO Details

The company has also stated that it has an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) “coming soon”. The current information on the site states that the CIC tokens will have a total amount of 12,000,000 CIC tokens, which is very low. 10,000,000 CIC tokens will be sold during the upcoming ICO.

While information on the company’s whitepaper suggests that the ICO will start on May 2018, we are already in May and there is no sign of the ICO.

Is it Secure To Use CICoin?

Not really. has many of the main characteristics of what is commonly known as a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP). HYIPs are fast ways to make money but they are also very dangerous because almost 90% of them are scams.

HYIPs are characterized by offering very large return in a few days. Normally these returns are so big like “100% in 30 days” that you simply cannot imagine how a company would possibly profit from them. The secret is that many companies simply vanish when they have enough money and leave its clients without their investment.

Other red flags are the lack of information on the company’s site and the fact that their social media profiles have thousands of fake followers, which are generally common scam practices.

CICoin Verdict

After all we have said about this company, we will obviously tell you not to invest. Even if there is a chance that is a legitimate company, this chance would be tiny, so it would simply not be a good investment for you at all because the risk is far above what could be considered acceptable.

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