What Is Cindx?

The new cryptocurrency company is an assets management system designed work with traders autonomously. The company is setup to help new people, entering the industry who want to accelerate the growth of their portfolio. Experts help run the whole gamut of CINDX, making a reliable system for building a portfolio. As a side note, I have not used Cindx, so I cannot speak personally about the results they provide, but I know it’s always smart to research a new company thoroughly before you invest with them.

How Cindx Blockchain Crypto Asset Investment Manager Works

Cindx has full whitepaper listings, presentations, one pager reports and a financial business model document on the website you can read. Legal documents are also provided for you to further research, although I can’t speak as to the authenticity of them, I can only tell you they are there.

Headed by two investors, Cindx is built to help everyday people make money online. According to some somewhat cheesy videos on the website, kind of funny, they help novice investors make money with little to no experience. I’m going to recommend considering your money seriously, because promising free money is a red flag.

Traders will appreciate the company because it provides tools designed to be comfortable to them. Also, the fact that the founders put themselves on the video is a good sign – although, the video is somewhat unprofessional considering it’s been uploaded onto YouTube and has no parameters on it (this isn’t something professionals with a lot of money would typically do).

Time, Trust and Uncertainty all play a part in investing, also being three main focuses of the company. Here’s why, it makes sense from most perspectives. Time is one of the largest contributors to people not getting started, as is the second piece of criteria trust. Trust is essential for investing, who wants to give their money to someone they don’t know? No one does, it goes hand in hand with the third aspect uncensored.

Cindx has promised to help improve each of these three areas, helping people by providing quality service to handle the time portion. Your funds never leave your wallet either with Cindx apparently, not sure how this works, but the system uses smart contracts to be managed without the need of being transferred. Lastly, investments are only made to campaigns that are successful.

That sounds rather nice, although I’m not sure how it works exactly. I’ve never heard of guaranteed profits when investing into anything. But, for the sake of the website – that’s what it claims, plain and simple.

Who Is Behind Cindx?

Cindx is run by Val Jerdes, there’s not a lot of information on him on the website. However, he is in the video, showing he’s not trying to hide behind a curtain like the wizard of OZ. The rest of the team is made up of different experts in their sector related to the needs of Cindx like marketing, blockchain and cryptocurrency. But, the problem is that there is no way to verify who these people are.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: CINX
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC
  • Total Supply: $51.5m
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: $3.8m
  • Hard Cap: $21m
  • Pre ICO 1 Date: Aug 26 – Sep 16 – 25% Bonus
  • Pre ICO 2 Date: Sep 17 – Oct 7 – 20% Bonus
  • Main ICO 1 Date: Oct 8 – Oct 21 – 17% Bonus
  • Main ICO 2 Date: Nov 19 – Dec 2 – 10% Bonus
  • Main ICO 3 Date: Oct 22 – Nov 4 – 15% Bonus
  • Main ICO 4 Date: Dec 3 – Dec 16 – 5% Bonus
  • Main ICO 5 Date: Nov 5 – Nov 18 – 13% Bonus
  • Main ICO 6 Date: Dec 17 – Dec 26 – 0% Bonus

Cindx Conclusion

Ultimately, Cindx may be a legit corporation, but I have to label it as a high-risk investment considering that there isn’t a lot of information on the team or the company headquarters. Before you invest too much with the company, make sure to research fully into it and do your homework. I’m not saying it’s a scam website by any means, just teaching you to protect yourself in the crypto industry. You can learn more about the company at

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