CinemaWell APLC ICo

CinemaWell APLC is a new take on online cinema viewing. This platform will bring together independent filmmakers together and offer them an unlimited global audience. It is the perfect place for movie premiers.

Understanding the Film industry

Today, there are over 6000 film festivals held annually around the world. Each year, over 100,000 film directors from around the world, produce films for the global film industry. This proves that is a very profitable industry.

However, of all the films aired at film festivals, only a small number of them ever make it to cinemas. A good way to ensure that a movie makes it to theatres is through advertising. However, most filmmakers do not have the resources to do this. Because of this marketing burden, most films never make it to cinemas.

The creators of cinemawell realized this problem and started developing an online platform that can let you share movies, sell or share tickets with viewers, and create movie schedules. It works in much the same way as offline cinema. However, it will be offered to everyone who has an internet connection. On this platform, movie watchers will be able to meet and talk to each other online. Filmmakers will also be able to retain data from moviegoers and ask them for their input. That way, they can improve the quality of movies that they create.

This platform is not just going to profit the filmmakers but the watchers as well. Besides gaining access to a wide array of films, moviegoers will also be rewarded with ApplauseCash. This is a new altcoin, which can only be used within this platform.

Since its introduction to the masses, the blockchain has proven itself a fast and reliable technology that now supports many types of altcoins. Today, blockchain is revolutionizing the financial world. Various studies have shown that the blockchain market will only continue to grow annually. Thus, the developers of Cinemawell, not wanting to be left behind, combined the transparency, security, and efficiency of the blockchain with their platform.

The entire platform will run on blockchain technology. This will ensure that all transactions taking place on this platform are secure and safe from fraud. Besides that, since no third party authentication is needed, it makes it quite cost-effective.

The developers have a strong belief in the possibilities of the blockchain. Even after they launch this movie platform, they intend to continue working on it. With time, they will bring even more capabilities for the benefit of users of this platform.

The CinemaWell APLC ICO Details

The developers intend to launch a token sale with the tokens name “ApplauseCash.” They will use the symbol APLC. The APLC will come with a total supply of 300 million tokens. For the pre-ICO, they have a soft cap of 50,000 APLC and a hard cap of 3 million APLC.

This token sale is set to begin on February 1, 2018, and end on February 28, 2018. For the ICO, they have set a hard cap of 144 million APLC.

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