Circle One ICO (C Token)

As per latest statistical reports, the research market is currently deemed to be worth $136 bln USD. This figure is only set to grow in the future and it is being estimated that by 2019, this market will be worth a staggering $187 bln.

Circle One is an all new blockchain based marketplace that is designed to facilitate research and the data that fuels it. Through the use of this platform, owners are able to sell and exchange their research information in a highly streamlined fashion, thereby creating good market supply.

More About Circle One

When looked at from a functional standpoint, basically allows for high quality research to be sold via a user friendly, visually attractive marketplace. The service is web and mobile compatible, and thus can be used from remote locations without the need of any high performance devices.

In addition to this, the platform also comes pre-built with a “native search engine” that allows users to source pertinent data and insights with the click of a button. Key aspects of Circle One include:

(i) Monetizable Data:

Even though many people today consider raw data to be a market in itself, industry experts as well as crypto enthusiasts know that “data streams” will be the primary digital commodity that will be used by people in the future. allows users to create such data streams, thereby allowing them to earn a steady/ stable revenue on the side.

(ii) Quality:

As per the company’s whitepaper, this platform will focus solely on the acquisition and trade of higher tiers of the “data value creation pyramid”.

(iii) Publishing:

Another underrated aspect of this service is that it allows independent researchers to publish their findings within the native marketplace. This data can then be viewed by other network participants, and even be bought or sold.

(iv) Rating System:

All of the research information that is submitted on can be reviewed by peers. Additionally, established members of the network also have the option to leave recommendations, therefore allowing for more content visibility.

(v) Unbiased:

Quite like Google Scholar, also makes use of algorithmic modules that help promote true openness in research. Not only that, this platform operates without the use of intermediaries or gatekeepers, thus eliminating any unwanted processing/ transaction fees.

(vi) Future Ready:

As per a 2017 report released by Capgemini, Big Data Investments have been found to drive the digital domain in a big way. is made in a way such that it can be scaled and used within this sector quite efficiently.

Other Important Features

(i) Verifiable:

All of the data that is presented to customers within the marketplace has been verified through the use of different filter mechanisms.

(ii) Safety:

The platform makes use of a unique blockchain protocol called Qtum that allows it not only provide a high level of security, but also make transactions extremely efficient and quick.

Circle One ICO (C Token) Details

All transactions taking place within the ecosystem will be done so via the use of a token is called C. In all, there will be a total of 140,000,000 Cs that will be made available to the public. The crowdsale event is currently underway and will end after the 12th of April, 2018.

For any other details, queries, users can contact company representatives via email or thought their Telegram channel.

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