CirrusCoin Review

Today we are going to review a company focused on offering good alternatives for compute capacity called CirrusCoin.

What is CirrusCoin?

CirrusCoin is a blockchain company whose main objective is to offer green and cheap options for compute capacity. CirrusCoin, which is owned by Greensparc Inc., has decided to tokenize the electricity and the cloud computing power in a different way that many companies are doing right now.

It created a token, the CirrusCoin, which is redeemable for 1 Kwh of energy in computer power on the network of the company, which uses renewable energy sources. This enables people to buy computing power directly from the company by using the tokens.

The team that forms the company is managed by Sam Enoka (co-founder and CEO), Manu Kalia (co-founder and CFO) and other important key members which are all very experienced people with the subjects that involve this company’s work.

How Does CirrusCoin Work?

Basically, you can use CirrusCoin to exchange the tokens for high performance computing that you will be able to use however you see fit. This will enable you or your company to obtain your goals without having to create that much computing power yourself, which will enable you to optimize the utilization of your resources.

The computing power will enable you to save energy and minimize electrical losses, optimize your systems and improve your company overall. The design of the service is designed in a way that it improves the resiliency of the network instead of a specific node.

How to Invest in CirrusCoin?

If you are interested in investing in CirrusCoin, you will be able to purchase your tokens from this company right now. The sale is currently happening at the moment of this report and it will continue to go on during March. If you buy the tokens right now, you will be eligible for a discount of 15% in the purchase of the tokens. If you buy the tokens with discount, you will pay 0.002125 ETH per token.

After May 1, the sale will continue but you will have to pay more for the tokens because there will be lesser discounts.

The CirrusCoin Verdict

Is CirrusCoin a smart investment for you? It can surely be a good one if you are interested in what this company is offering to its clients because CirrusCoin is a very well built company whose objective seems to be attainable. Because of this, if you want a good return on investment, there is a good chance that it might be a good idea to buy these tokens right now.

If you are also interested in using the services of this company, then there is a greater chance that CirrusCoin might be a good opportunity of investment for you because you will be able to pay less for the computing power that you will want to use in the future, which can end up being a very good business for you.

The decision is all yours. CirrusCoin sounds like a good investment, but you can always look for another cryptocurrency to buy on our blog if you want to. If you want to buy CirrusCoin tokens, though, you should buy them soon to get the best possible price.

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