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Cisco Systems Opens Co-Innovate Center in Singapore, Promoting Blockchain Technology Development

Cisco Systems is an international tech and IT firm, which is responsible for launching over a dozen Co-Innovate Centers around the world. According to a report from the Bangkok Post, the company has chosen to launch another location, which will be found in Singapore.

CTO Dave Ward of Cisco said that this new launch will help with the creation of new technology in Singapore.

Specifically, the branch will highlight the attention needed in cybersecurity, blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Furthermore, the IT firm plans to provide several prototypes that will help demonstrate the use of these various technologies in different industries, including in education and public administration.

The Rotterdam Project is one of the key efforts that the center will work on, though there will be work for automation of various aspects of port operation. These sectors include vehicles, cargo, cranes, rails, and water levels, which should all see the necessary automation by 2023. Furthermore, the technology created should also fit the needs of port development in Singapore and Thailand.

Cisco has been a constant proponent of blockchain technology after the last few years. They even joined Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) in 2017. Current market data shows that the EEA is presently the largest open-source blockchain initiative in the entire world.

A patent was filed by Cisco in March last year with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to apply blockchain technology to confidential group communications. According to the information in the patent, the use of blockchain technology would address

“How group membership is established, communicated, updated, and secured from unauthorized tampering are common problems for which a construct is not available that can be effective in the context of dynamic, decentralized, and self-organizing group.”

This month, Fudan University decided to open a research center for blockchain technology on their campus, providing an opportunity for students to study blockchain technology, and will providing training opportunities. Fudan University is one of the most selective universities in all of China.



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