Shopping online is perhaps one of the greatest conveniences the internet provides. Just think about it, you can sit in the convenience of your home, office, on the train, pretty much anywhere and shop for goods. All you would need is a smartphone with an internet connection. E-commerce is booming now and basically every company in the retail industry has an online store with Amazon topping the list as the world's largest online retail store.

However, setting up an online store is not an easy feat and that happens to be the easiest part of it all. Beyond setting up the store, you'd have to put a lot into marketing and advertising your store in order to make sales. You'd have to be established as a credible and trustworthy merchant before people may begin to patronize your store. Seriously, at the end of it all, for small time retailers and merchants, running an online store may not be the most profitable business idea.

Now imagine if there was an already established online platform where any retailer could just put up their products and sell. Imagine no more, let me introduce you to Citify Marketplace.

What Is Citify?

Citify Marketplace is an online platform designed for retailers to place their products on one marketplace and trade. In essence, the Citify Marketplace is like a mall while the retailers would be like the small departmental stores, all trading in one shopping center. Citify Marketplace is built on the blockchain platform with its own unique cryptocurrency called Citicoin.

The Citicoin CTI Token

Citify intends to use a native cryptocurrency all over the marketplace with the aim of facilitating transaction and cutting down on other problems online transaction with fiat currency is susceptible to. Citicoin is this unique cryptocurrency and it is based on the waves blockchain. It is designed to be used strictly for transactions within the platform. The Citicoin is still at the start up stage and requires funding for further development, hence the ICO.

Citicoin CTI ICO Details

Pre-ICO –

  • Pre-ICO Dates – February to March 2018
  • Tokens Available – 5,000,000
  • 0.031667 Waves (0.25 USD / 0.31 CAD / 0.00002389 BTC)

Public-ICO  –

  • ICO Dates – April to May 2018
  • Tokens Available 25,000,000
  • 0.05752063 Waves (0.45 USD / 0.55 CAD/ 0.00004340 BTC)


Citicoin Crypto Shopping Marketplace Conclusion

Citify marketplace is a great innovation for shoppers and retailers alike. It provides a decentralized platform for trade where people from all over the world can either but or sell products using a unique cryptocurrency that transcends the regulation of any central bank or government. If you are interested in a more detailed review of the company and its ICO, you can visit their website.

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