Brave Browser (BAT Token) News Recap: 10 Million Downloads, Qwant Partnership and Trial Ad Program

The leading privacy-focused browser, Brave, has announced that it will start to use the blockchain identity company Civic’s verification system to makes sure that publishers get paid accurately for creating content with the BAT token. Content creators who hoped to take part in Brave’s custom verified publishers play will use Civic’s ID verification and KYC services for confirming their identities before they can earn the BAT tokens. The two companies maintained the emphasis on protecting their clients’ personal information and identities through their distinctive services.

How The Brave Platform Works

The Brave platform works through enabling users to easily pay for web content through anonymous BAT token donations through the browser, which the publishers later receive. With this new collaboration, all publishers who undertake ID verification can connect their Ethereum wallets directly to get the payments.

Civic’s KYC program will make sure that all publishers will maintain their privacy even while verifying their identities. Also, these content creators will use various platforms like mobile devices to conveniently collect their payments.

According to the CEO and co-founder of Civic, Vinny Lingham, Brave browser is on the forefront in combating the internet’s privacy challenges. The CEO said that as Brave continued to experience exponential user and publisher growth, the Civic implementation will allow all these people to securely and safely use this browser while sustaining the trust between users and publishers. Vinny added that his company was delighted to collaborate with Brave and give them their reliable ID verification services that will assist in building a much better blockchain-based browser.

Brave currently serves a high average of monthly users, up to four million people, with over 21,000 publishers signed up for the Brave’s program. Brendan Eich, the co-founder, and Brave CEO said that his platform connects publishers and users directly within a transparent ecosystem to guarantee authenticity and privacy, with no third-party intermediaries that harvest client data.

Why is Brave Browser Different?

What sets the Brave Browser apart from other internet browsers its robust anti-ad feature. This browser was created to get rid of online adverts from all websites to make browsing more efficient. Besides ad blocking, the browser also has privacy support functions like script disabling along with tracker and cookie blocking. Also, its ad platform is customized and based on the client’s attention.


With more than ten million Google Play Store downloads, the Brave browser is clearly well appreciated within the internet browsing sector. The browser even got Apple’s approval for using BAT tokens in iOS applications along with the capability of tipping users on Twitter and Reddit via the Brave platform. With this recent partnership with Civic ID service, the browser is expected to make even more impressive achievements.

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