What Is ClanPlay?

Clanplay is a platform that introduces a new marketplace for in-game actions where game players and interested parties can make other players act on their causes by motivating them. This will in turn lead to a meritocratic system where any gaming skill is financially beneficial since any traceable action will receive payment.

The platform allows players to receive compensation directly for their tryouts or through playing new games by use of blockchain technology. Smart contract technology allows for tracking the actions of the players, the time spent in the game and contribution made in the game thus developers pay users in accordance with the degree of engagement in their games in a trust less and transparent manner.

How ClanPlay Blockchain Gamers Community Marketplace Works

Through its mobile application, Clanplay focuses on providing a central platform that unites mobile gamers and caters for all of their needs in terms of chatting and a forum of discussion with players, video consumption, following influencers and providing tools needed for their games.

The platform provides various channels that allow users to connect with each other and communicate. The channels include public chat rooms that are easily available for everyone through the application even before the users are without registered, direct conversations, private group chats and designated clan chats exclusive to supported games. It directly synchronizes with the list of the members who are within the game. If a member is kicked out of a clan inside the game, they are removed from the chat of the clan on the platform.

The platform offers compiled identity whereby the gamers are attached to the profiles of their games directly. The platform offers a unique approach to the identity of the user in that it unites the various personas of a player in the game and ties them to the player's Clanplay account where they can easily manage it themselves.

ClanPlay GG Token & ICO Details

The platforms token is referred to as the GOOD GAME (GG) token that makes peer-to-peer engagement possible in the game. The token is the platforms utility that is ERC20 compliant in the Ethereum blockchain. The token is used for trading of in-game actions, as compensation to players, payments and rewards. The tokens are a connection with other games that interact with the platforms application. GG tokens can be transferred and be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: GG
  • Private sale: July 1 to August 262018
  • Accepted payment method: ETH
  • Total token supply: 300,000,000
  • Hard cap: 20,000,000 EUR
  • Soft cap: 2,000,000 EUR

ClanPlay Benefits

Direct Engagement

The developers of games can compensate players directly for their engagement in their games. The players will be rewarded in terms of the GG tokens, which they can use on the platform for transactions.

Marketplace For In-Game Actions

The platform offers a marketplace that is safe and very flexible in which anyone anywhere can provide a bid for in-game actions on which players of games can purchase the offers in order to perform them. The platform is a uniting factor for all the players, gamers and interested parties.


The use of smart contract technology ensures that the players of the games are compensated and rewarded by the developers in an open way for the benefit of everyone.

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