What Is Clash & GO?

Clash & Go is a geolocation in augmented reality (AR) mobile game with a city building strategy that has real-time battles. The game achieves all this with the help of blockchain technology. The merging of augmented open world, real-time strategy, and blockchain technology is set to bring innovative changes in the mobile game industry. Augmented reality will see a new and fresh gaming experience and will dramatically alter the way mobile games are played.

Cross-genre gameplay used in the Clash & Go game will offer an easy to access and sophisticated genres of the game and will eliminate common challenges faced by gamers at the same time combining familiar mechanics with innovative technology. The use of blockchain technology in augmented reality will allow gamers to transform and manipulate their visual surroundings. Players will experience a surprising and ever-changing world when they start playing the Clash & Go game. With the help of the CGO tokens, players will be able to manipulate the merging of a virtual and the real world.

Clash & GO Features

The innovative game will have the features below:

  • Geo-location based gameplay
  • The possibility of the players to create clans from their neighborhood friends
  • A variety of artifacts and resources on the augmented reality map
  • Players can control the AR world
  • Players can create and evolve their heroes
  • Players get to gain CGO tokens when they play the game
  • Buildings and units upgrade of Rich RPG Mechanics and a wide range of unique features

Clash & GO Real Time AR Blockchain Game Benefits

The Clash & Go game uses blockchain technology due to the benefits below:


Blockchain technology is decentralized, unlike centralized databases that are controlled by a single entity. Blockchain technology guarantees the security of Clash & Go transactions made by players using CGO tokens.


CGO tokens allow players to manipulate the augmented world of Clash &Go, which makes this game different. Blockchain technology allows every transaction and reports to be stored in the blockchain, which makes every transaction made inside the game transparent and ready for third-party audit.


The use of Ethereum smart contracts guarantees that the number of tokens delayed emission for the in-game auction will not be changed

Clash & GO CGO Token & ICO Details

The CGO tokens are ERC tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players will use the tokens to change the virtual world as they play Clash & Go. Based on the tokens a player has, he or she can move a geobject. However, the decision to move such an object can only be approved by voting. The tokens each player has also determine the number of times the player can vote.

The tokens will be used as a balancing tool in the Clash & Go gameplay. Since geobjects will provide some benefits to each of the token holders, each player will want to control the AR world. The CGO tokens will allow all the involved players to affect their augmented surroundings. The use of blockchain technology allows the token transactions to be transparent and each token holder has the right to sell or buy the tokens on exchanges at any time.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Private Sale: May- August 2018
  • ICO: September 12- October 12 2018
  • Token Ticker: CGO
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Hard Cap: $25, 000, 000
  • Total tokens: 20 000 000
  • Tokens for sale: 10,000,000
  • Price: 1 CGO = $1.8

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