Right now, if you need to purchase an item online, you will have to waste a lot of time surfing through various items that appear in search results. You will check out all of these items up until you find a product that works for you at an affordable price. That is now in the past.

Imagine a service where you do not need to search, but you are served. It is what happens when you walk into a brick and mortar store. However, Clear Shop Vision will give you access to several hundreds of stores. You can pick either local stores or stores that are far off.

What Is Clear Shop Vision?

The objective of Clear Shop Vision is to turn the shopping process upside down and reverse the online shopping process. It will enable the provision of services with unparalleled convenience thus saving time, money, and resources.

In this ecosystem, services and products are sold to customers like what occurs in real-world stores. The aim is to shift the burden of finding the right goods from consumers to businesses that offer the products. Thus, the business will be responsible for finding what the customer needs.

For the past decade, there has been little or no innovation in the e-commerce sector. With this approach, this project hopes to unlock an industry worth billions of dollars. It is a new shopping experience with great potential for retailers and advertisers.

Clear Shop Vision ORC Token ICO Details

  • Pre-ICO – 164,000,000 ORC token hardcap sold from April 5th to May 4th.
  • ICO – 820,000,000 ORC token hardcap sold from May 5th to July 8th.

How Clear Shop Vision Order Coin Cryptocurrency Works

To realize their objectives, the developers of this project will establish an ecosystem that incorporates the blockchain, AI, IoT elements, and fintech solutions. For households, they will be able to offer services via an AI-powered system. It will ensure that they save time and money for the shoppers.

Purposes Of The AI

Based on the parameters that a customer specifies, inquiries will be sent to businesses. If the business has a product list, the AI will filter it and find what the customer needs. This AI will filter offers that are sent to businesses, thus leading to a product list scaled down to meet the needs of the customer. The AI will also provide references to business allowing them to refine their product range as needed.

Purpose Of The Blockchain

It will ensure simple, prompt, and no-cost transactions between businesses and consumers. The blockchain will also be used for a value stable, limited edition, medium of exchange for the transactions.

The technology sector is changing and developing fast. Thus, designed a system that from the start is forward-looking. That way, the system will be able to incorporate other solutions that they create in future.

Clear Shop Vision Conclusion

Right from the start, the developers of this project want to create a mutually beneficial system. People save time and resources while businesses reach and serve customers that need their services and products. This way, they will eliminate the significant hurdle that small and medium-sized businesses face in serving in achieving customers via digital mediums.

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