ClearAid ICO (CAID Token) Review: Blockchain Charity & Donations?

It is very common for people to be doubtful about charity. There are many stories about charities that do not deliver the money where they should and scams that lure people who want to help the needed. Because of this, many people simply decide not to give anything to charities that they do not know anything about, but what if that could be changed?

That is the idea that helped to create ClearAid. By using the blockchain technology, the founder of the company decided to create a token that could be used to make donations without people not being able to know about where the money was going.

What Is ClearAid?

ClearAid is a new cryptocurrency which will have an Initial Coin Offering soon. This cryptocurrency was developed specifically to aid the people who are willing to give money to charities but who are are not very trusting when helping companies that they know nothing about. It uses the blockchain technology to track and automate the distribution of the funds that were donated.

This means that by using this new cryptocurrency, you will be able to track all your donations by using the blockchain, the same way that you could do if you wished to track your own payments. By being decentralized, which enables the coins to be processed via an independent system instead of having to be exchanged via a company, you can see the whole unadulterated process of the transactions.

This means that ClearAid makes donating a really trustworthy process. In the past, you could not really trust the companies, but you can certainly do that by using this tokens. The donors will know exactly when and how the money that they donated was used.

The details will show who got the money, when it was exchanged and how much it was, so you can know that your donations are never going to be used in the wrong activities.

ClearAid CAID Token ICO Details

During April, the company intends to create a private sale for accredited investors that will be made indoors. After the first investments, the company will release the product on July 1.

The public pre-sale will happen soon after the launch, starting on July 7 and going until July 17, when the main Initial Coin Offering is going to be made. After the ICO, the company’s coins will be listed in external exchanges by August 1 if everything happens according to the plans.

The price of the tokens during the ICO will vary from each phase of the sale. It will be $0.08 USD per token during the private sale, $0.15 USD per token during the pre-sale and $0.24 USD during the main sale.

Who Is Behind ClearAid?

Helvis Smoteks is the CEO and founder of ClearAid. His main personnel are Rudi Ullon (CTO) and Dimitris Tsapis (director of operations). Edis K. Kudors acts as director of marketing and Kristaps Celapiters as project manager. Rainers Strautins is the lead developer of ClearAid.

The main partners of ClearAid are Charity Water, United Nations Foundation, Paedusai Latviji, Crypto Lawyer, Oz Forensics, Coin Delite and CoinCodex.

ClearAid Blockchain Charity & Donations Verdict

ClearAid helps to solve a problem that plagued donations for a long time. Many companies that were interested in charity struggled to keep transparency and the trust of its clients, but they will not need to worry now if they use this new token. Because of this, we consider ClearAid tokens to be an interesting way to invest in charity.

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