ClearPoll is a blockchain-based platform that promises to be a better way to record, view, and share real public opinions. Find out how it works today in our ClearPoll review.

What is ClearPoll?

ClearPoll, found online at, aims to solve some of the biggest problems in today’s polling industry. Obviously, between Brexit and Trump, public opinion polls have faced sharp criticism over the last few years. It seems they’re not very good at predicting the actual outcome of an event. That’s a problem that ClearPoll seeks to solve (both of these issues are specifically mentioned in the ClearPoll whitepaper as a reason why we need better polling technology for the digital age).

With ClearPoll, you install the app, browse for polls, then vote on global, national, or local issues. The platform is fast, easy, and secure. Plus, it uses blockchain technology to prevent vote tampering.

ClearPoll’s ecosystem revolves around the use of POLL tokens, which are ERC20-compliant tokens available on sale throughout September and October.

ClearPoll Features

Browse for Active Polls: You can choose from categories like politics, sports, entertainment, environmental, and more, or even filter it down to world, national, and local polls. Overall, ClearPoll wants to make it easy to find polls regarding issues you actually care about.

You can easily vote anonymously on a poll, then monitor its results. Your vote is sent to the blockchain, where it’s completely secure and nobody can change it. Every poll runs for 24 hours – so you don’t have to wait long to get the final results of a poll.

Decide on Topics: You decide which topics become the next active poll by voting for great questions. The most popular topics become active polls after 24 hours. Duplicate polls are unlikely to become active polls.

Pin your Favorite Polls: Want to use polls to prove your point? Users can pin their favorite polls to their dashboard, or easily share poll results with others. ClearPoll even has a system where you can buy merchandise to wear your poll results in public.

Who’s Behind ClearPoll?

ClearPoll is led by Director and Lead Developer Robert Culley, an experienced industrial designer and successful mobile app developers. Other key members of the team include Daniel Abela (Director and Lead Designer) and Simon Cocking (Advisor).

The ClearPoll Token Sale

The ClearPoll ecosystem revolves around the use of digital tokens called POLL tokens. The pre-ICO is underway throughout September. You can buy POLL tokens at a rate of 1 ETH = 3,000 POLL. During the first stage of the ICO, the rate will be 1 ETH = 2500 POLL.

70% of the total supply of tokens is being sold to crowdfund investors. 10% each will be reserved for node rewards, dev team and advisors, and for destruction each time ClearPoll is used (the company destroys 100 tokens at the conclusion of every poll).

POLL tokens will allow individuals and corporations to purchase subscriptions to access advanced metric data. The only way to subscribe to the platform is to pay with POLL tokens.

POLL is an ERC20-compliant token. Visit for more information about the ICO date. However, it’s expected to take place at the conclusion of the pre-ICO, so around late September or early October.


ClearPoll is a blockchain-based polling platform that aims to change the way we vote for topics we care about. You can download the ClearPoll app, search through relevant categories, and contribute your opinion to various polls. The ecosystem revolves around the use of POLL tokens, which are on sale throughout September and October.

To learn more about ClearPoll and how it works, visit the platform online today at

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  1. Looks like a cool use of blockchain – good to see someone take a stance against media manipulation of news and public opinion. I’ll be contributing to this for sure!

    • I believe this is a truly solid project. After reading the whitepaper it’s obvious they are going to fill a niche that will help change the future of polling. Just think about how untrustworthy polls have been in the past. This is a absolute game changer in my opinion.


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