CleverPlace, a commercial platform created on the Ethereum blockchain, has recently announced the launch of a potential system that can promote beneficial cashback for its CLVR token holders. Their area of interest appears to be that of the real estate market.

According to the claims made, France’s real estate market has been experiencing steady growth. In particular, their global turnover in 2016 hit 60 billion euros to 80 billion euros in 2017. For this main reason – the fact that returns are more attainable – CleverPlace focused greatly on France’s real estate market.

The CleverToken (CLVR) is the key currency of the CleverPlace platform. Based on its whitepaper, CLVR can be used to gain membership into the community, property-related work that needs to be done and most importantly, its cashback scheme.

CLVR token holders appear to get a fair share from this project, as 70% of the marketing margin will be given out as a cashback in exchange for CLVR tokens. Also, the remaining 30% is said to be redistributed to active community members as “rewards”.

For example, if a consumer purchases a building for 300,000 euros and its marketing margin was set at 18,000 euros. Then the possible cashback against the CleverTokens is approximately 12,600 euros (70% of 18,000) – which he or she will receive in exchange for CleverTokens.

The reason for having developed a real-estate concept on the Ethereum blockchain is supposedly to promote the notion of transparency on transactions, while maximizing privacy and security.

Using smart contracts can help to keep some guidelines and rules in place for appropriate use. In addition, such contracts are said to be used as a mean of identifying its members, community voting and the choice of placing a hold on a product or service ahead of time.

According to the CEO of CleverPlace, the sole purpose is to maximize a sense of trust, privacy and transparency within the real estate market – whether it be reviews or prices of homes. In particular, he stated that:

“We’re about to embark on a much larger vision to bring an open-source offering to a variety of high-margin verticals across the global. This means that any customer, in any vertical market across the globe, will be able to benefit from total price transparency, and the use of private data by joining a CleverPlace marketplace built on trust…”

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