clickableTV CTV ICO Review

ClickableTV is a pay per click TV advertising platform where advertisers can pay when viewers take certain actions. Here’s our review.

What Is ClickableTV?

ClickableTV is a television advertising service that allows you to click directly on ads you see on TV. ClickableTV uses the Ethereum blockchain and digital tokens to create a “pay per click” TV advertising system.

The service is being developed by a company called Across Platforms.

An ICO for ClickableTV tokens began on January 21 (pre-ICO). The main token sale is scheduled to begin on March 11. ClickableTV tokens will allow you to access special rebates and discounts through the platform.

How Does clickableTV CTV Work?

Using ClickableTV, advertisers can purchase commercial space based on audience size. Advertisers will also be able to buy premium ads on a pay per click basis. They will pay each time a viewer clicks on a certain advertisement.

Advertisers purchase ClickableTV advertisements using the blockchain. Then, clickable ads will be displayed in front of customers.

A customer might be watching TV on their television. Or, they could be watching online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. An ad appears on-screen, and they click on the ad. A company might give the viewer a certain discount through the ad.

You’re entitled to receive ClickableTV discounts as long as you hold at least one ClickableTV token. There are no membership fees, no cancellation fees, and no restrictions. Across Platforms plans to use their pool of tokens to provide the best possible discounts to end users.

The end result is pay per click TV. Here’s how it works overall:

  • Step 1: TV commercials are encoded with advertisements
  • Step 2: The viewer clicks the TV commercial
  • Step 3: The viewer interacts with the web page
  • Step 4: The advertiser analyzes the results

It’s all processed using Ethereum-based tokens and the Ethereum blockchain. Advertisers can buy ratings-based advertisements through existing marketing channels. ClickableTV is an additional unit.

ClickableTV aims to work on all major TV platforms, including SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) services like Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, as well as ordinary television services like Xfinity, DirecTV, Dish, Fios by Verizon, Cox, Charter Communications, and Mediacom. It will also work on virtual MVPD services like Apple TV, Sling, Spectrum, DirecTV Now, and more.

ClickableTV Features

ClickableTV emphasizes all of the following features:

P2P Transactions:

ClickableTV transactions occur privately between buyers and sellers. Advertisers and media outlets manage smart contracts in real-time and can make changes on the fly. Across Platforms does not set the rates.

Rating-Based Prices:

Advertisers buy TV schedules as they normally do (based on ratings). Advertisers also decide to activate pay per click and e-commerce campaigns using Across Platforms’ smart contract (blockchain) solution for viewers using mobile apps or browsers.

Encoded Commercials:

Advertisers encode their commercials with the ClickableTV system. A smart contract manages the click process. That smart contract includes the URL for activation, the TV commercial ID, the per click rate, the e-commerce rate, the expiration date, and other data.

Industry Clearinghouse:

Across Platforms will collect and distribute revenue generated by mobile and browser clicks. The company will charge no fixed fees, and only earns its revenue from completed transactions.

Overall, ClickableTV sees itself as the next generation of TV advertising.

About Across Platforms

Across Platforms is a Massachusetts, USA-based company founded in 2010. The company has completed over $3.7 million in sales to date.

Across Platforms also has two patents pending. One invention is titled, “Digital Media Response Detection System”, and the other is called “System and Method for Facilitating Clickable Links Embedded Digital Assets Using a Blockchain Ledger.”

Across Platforms is led by Michael Kokernak (President).

The ClickableTV Token Sale

There’s a total supply of 100 million ClickableTV tokens. 70 million tokens are reserved for future token sales. 22.5 million, however, will be distributed during an ICO from March 11 to June 11, 2018.

The pre-sale for ClickableTV tokens is underway from January 21 to February 28, 2018. You can get a 25% discount during the pre-sale.

As a token holder, you’re eligible for discounts and rebates on products and services offered through the ClickableTV platform.

clickableTV CTV ICO Conclusion

ClickableTV adds internet-like functionality to TV commercials, allowing viewers to click on advertisements they see during television commercials. By clicking on those advertisements, viewers can access special discounted offers. The platform relies on Ethereum tokens and the Ethereum blockchain.

To learn more about ClickableTV, visit online today at The pre-ICO began on January 21, 2018, with the main ICO scheduled for March 11.

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