What is ClickAuto?

ClickAuto is another new company that will be working in the crypto currency space. It’s developed around the auto industry and helping users see full transparent reports about car history. They can be done from anywhere in the world and with only a couple, simple to follow steps on the guideline.

How Does ClickAuto Work?

People will be able to see honest, easy to read reports on the registration of a car, the insurance policy currently held on the car and any payment obligations, taxes or penalties. It’s convenient for both sellers and partners as well as customers.

Seller Service is Convenient for Sellers –

  • Certified partners can give also give quality service.
  • The cost of the car is transparent as is the demand and cost on a secondary market.
  • The authenticity of the car’s history is backed by a guarantor.
  • Project partners will give the best offers.

For Certified Partners –

  • Total transparent history or service to customers and records.
  • Getting brand-new customers.
  • Getting honest feedback from customers.

For State Services –

  • Electronic Vehicle Registration Document
  • Data processing on cars and collecting of it.
  • Work for motorists.
  • Immediate exchange of data for departments.
  • Taking suggestions and customer complaints.

The process works by first starting with a certified partner, then going through a seller and ClickAuto to a single window service while at the same time the buyer starts their journey through ClickAuto. Lastly it goes from the Single Window Service to a Government Service.

ClickAuto Tokens will not be available for citizens of USA or Canada.

Fundraising and emission of tokens through ClickAuto that are designed to completely finance the development of the registry on a decentralized platform that uses the Ethereum system for payment and concomitmant. As well as an advertising and marketing for ClickAuto. They are also optimizing the ClickAuto Service for national characteristics in other countries. As of now however, there are representative’s offices in 12 countries around the world.

One hundred million AutoClick Tokens is said to release the maximum number of fixed tokens in the amount equal to 100 million of AutoCase Tokens. The Tokens are said to be based on the WAVES system. ClickAuto Tokens are an essential asset of the company. The company distributes as much as 20% of their net income. They distribute the tokens at a proportioned level. And then they take 15% of the companies income and send it to buy the tokens at market value on a quarterly basis.

What is the ICO of AutoClick?

At the Pre-Sale Stage, there will be 5 millino AutoCash sold. The financial cap is set at $250,000. Each AutoCash will cost $.05. And the funds made will then be used for the launch of the ClickAuto System to the public, marketers and ICO seed-round preparation. The funds will then be distributed after taking in ESCROW.

ClickAuto in Conclusion

This could be a solid platform, although it may take some time to take off. And we will have to wait and see how accurate the reports are on their cars.

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