Clipper Coin Capital

What Is Clipper Coin Capital?

Clipper Coin Capital aims to provide professional financial services to the crypto market through a wide range of products such as ClipperX Capital Broker-Dealer, ClipperX Ratings, and Clipper X Investment Bank.

How Clipper Coin Capital Ratings Agency Works

With a group of experienced financial experts, Clipper Coin Capital will bring financial knowledge and technical innovation to provide ratings, brokerage, and investment banking services to the cryptocurrency market. Clipper Coin Capital will be the information and credit intermediary for the virtual currency market, allocating limited financial resources to the best projects so as to promote the welfare of the ecosystem.

Clipper Coin Capital will be working with technology and science, because both of them have been the engines driving the financial market’s progress in the last centuries.

Wall Street hedge fund manager and founder of Clipper Coin Capital (CCC), said:

“The goal is to create a premier investment bank for the cryptocurrency market, akin to the Goldman Sachs of the crypto sector.”

One of the main intentions of CCC is to provide analysis, asset and rank digital currencies so as to assist investors find their best opportunities in the market. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market, but just few of them will be able to prosper. There is where CCC will be responsible for identifying those successful cryptos.

The ClipperX Rating System

The main intention of the ClipperX Rating is to establish a simple and transparent evaluation system for investors to identify problem projects and choose quality cryptos. ClipperX Rating will be combining machine power with manpower so as to increase rating efficiency.

The rating will have six different levels, ABCDEU, ABC are investment grade, DE are junk grade and U is unrated.

CCC will consider different factors to evaluate the cryptocurrencies, including: operating time, project, team, technology, business strategy, risk compliance, development status and factor inspection.

ClipperX Capital – Crypto And Traditional Brokerage Services

ClipperX Capital will combine traditional financial product transactions and crypto trading and provide investors with professional investment research, market making, and asset management services.

Most of market participants do not have enough time and expertise to conduct thorough research on virtual currencies and the ICO market. Cryptocurrency investors can also enjoy professional investment services and risk-adjusted returns by investing in crypto hedge funds.

With a professional team of investors, ClipperX Capital will be able to evaluate individual investment preferences and develop a personalized asset allocation plan. ClipperX Capital will also establish a Clipper Crypto Index (CCI), and issue index-based ETF products.

ClipperX Investment Bank – Crypto Financial Services

ClipperX Investment Bank will be providing professional investment banking services to the Token Sale market.

  • Token Sale Investors: ClipperX Investment bank will review the project’s white paper, offer expertise, verify personnel backgrounds, research industry development, and propose investment recommendations.
  • Token Projects: ClipperX Investment Bank will provide white paper writing services, project promotion, listing, and other services.
  • Token Sale Market: ClipperX Investment Bank will organize an auction pricing mechanism based that fully reflects market supply and demand to promote healthy market behavior.

The Clipper Coin Capital Team

Zhen Liu is the founder and CEO of Clipper Coin Capital. He has more than 20 years of experience as Wall Street hedge fund manager. He started his career back in 1995 and work in companies such as Bank of America, UBS, and Brevan Howard.

Shang Guo is the Chief Technology Officer. She was a Senior Scientist at IBM Watson Research Center. Her research was focused on distributed computing, large-scale software development, and artificial intelligence.

Mika Jiang is the Chief Compliance Officer. She has years of experience within the legal and compliance field, specializing in mutual and hedge funds.

Stephen Hopkins, Director of Strategy. He has years of experience working within the international financial community, notably at hedge funds, commercial banks, and MNCs. HIs role include research analysis, and strategy development.

Grace Tien, Director of Marketing. She has worked at the U.S. Justice Department, U.S. Congress, U.S. Chinese Economic Development Council, and conducted research at Princeton University’s Center for Human Values.

The team is being advised by Siu Ying Lau, Yan Zhang, Elliot Yan, and Cha Li.

Clipper Coin Capital CCCX Token & ICO Details

Clipper Coin Capital will issue a token known as Clipper Coin (CCCX) that will work as ecosystem incentives, rating rewards for experts, and as a means payment.

There will be 5,000,000,000 CCCX and is based on Ethereum ERC-20.

  • Token Sale Quantity 50%
  • CCC Foundation 15%
  • Ecosystem Incentives 20%
  • Team Incentives 15%

The funds will be allocated as follows:

  • Daily Operations 30%
  • Licenses 20%
  • M&A 20%
  • Safety Funds 10%
  • Business Development 10%
  • Legal and Compliance 10%

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