Cloud 9 Hosting Company Accepts Bitcoin Payments For Web Services

Bitcoin is rapidly being adopted by thousands of different business around the world. One of the most recent additions to the list of businesses that accept Bitcoin as a payment method is Cloud 9 Hosting, a leading provider of web hosting services. The hosting platform has recently made it possible for customers to use the cryptocurrency as a form of payment for their VPS and web hosting services.

The CTO of Cloud 9 Hosting, Matt Dubois, has stated that the move is a positive step towards the support of innovative technological platforms and entrepreneur communities across a broad spectrum of different industries. The Cloud 9 Platform promotes itself as the “entrepreneurs cloud”, and according to Dubois, is driven by the aim of supporting high-tech entrepreneurs.

Dubois states that the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method aligns with the core principles of Cloud 9 Hosting and allows them to stay ahead of the curve as an early adopter of emerging technology and a forward thinking organization. The Cloud 9 Platform views technology as a mechanism that catalyzes change within the business world. To Cloud 9, cryptocurrency represents the next big thing in the payment world, and as a market leader the platform wants to keep leading from the front.

In addition to Cloud 9 Hosting, several other businesses have recently adopted Bitcoin as a payment method. Cloud 9 Hosting joins the ranks of other forward-thinking organizations such as NewEgg, Overstock, Shopify, Expedia, Reddit, Microsoft, and Bloomberg.

Bitcoin has been the dominant force in the cryptocurrency marketplace for several years now. By adopting Bitcoin as a payment method, Cloud 9 Hosting is delivering to its customers both a high degree of flexibility and a dramatic reduction in payment costs.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the largest and most highly valued peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency in the world. In order to acquire Bitcoin, it’s necessary to create a Bitcoin wallet with a “hot” managed wallet solution such as Coinbase or BitPay, or set up a “cold” wallet hosted locally.

Bitcoins stored in a wallet can be used to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world from virtually any device, and offers users a secure and instant way to transfer value.

What Is Cloud 9 Hosting?

Cloud 9 Hosting is a full-stack provider of virtual private server services and web hosting. Established in 2008, Cloud 9 is one of the most secure hosting platforms on the internet, and performs a rigorous fraud check on every client. As the Cloud 9 Hosting platform provides compliant hosting for various high-security industries, their clients are required to have verified identities.

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