Cloud Hash Pro was first created in 2017 to offer users different opportunities. They also are designed to help investors make the best portfolio possible. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot going on with the company and they have no disclosure on the team or where the company is located. Basically, at first glance and final verdict – they seem to be an illegitimate website that should not be trusted.

What Is Cloud Hash Pro?

They are a digital cryptocurrency investment platform that promises to be a risk-free platform. They also promise to be a stable platform that uses Bitcoin to get to their users a massive profit. They are basically a cryptocurrency management system that works to trade the currency of their active users to raise them funds.

But in reality, there is a lot nonsense on the website – it’s a standard scam investment program that makes bold claims on how much money a user can make investing with them, with no real information on how or why these claims are true.

They use a lot of language that sounds great, but there isn’t a lot behind it. The company claims to have years of dedicated experience and the inside scoop on market information. They point out the popularity of cryptocurrency after the fork of Bitcoin, and how it’s so important to have a quality team who can properly manage your assets. But the language on the website is strange and obscure.

How Does Cloud Has Pro Cryptocurrency Mining Partner Work?

According to Cloud Hash Pro, there is an immense opportunity that has opened up because of increasing rates for people that are looking for “high-density space, with low power-consumption.” What does that mean exactly? We’re not sure, but it sounds like a lot of fluff and filler.

Cloud Hash Pro also states they use the most advanced modern hardware to create stable network pools that grow in their power to produce profit. And it’s said to happen at a steady rate and ratio that they can bring their clients into.

The reason there is said to be a high rate of profit is because the production of their mining operation and its ability with Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is said to ensure your investments safety and security while at the same time making you a lot of money in the short and long-term run.

They also have an affiliate program that you can present to friends, families and colleagues or personal social networks. You don’t even need to be active to gain commissions from referring people, and this seems to be the major focus of the company. All you do is share your link, refer people and make money. You can supposedly earn very high commissions and help the company grow their client base at the same time. As an affiliate you make anywhere from 10-25% commissions. And as a representative you make anywhere from 15-30% commissions.

The three major points of the company are:

Earn Interest Every Hour – Clients are said to gain money from their investment every hour. You can see the hourly profit in your account area apparently.

Continuous Advancement – The interest earned is then applied to your account and once it has been added, you can either reinvest it or withdraw it apparently.

Best Multi – Level Administration – They are promising to be the best asset management and financial investment team you can count on in the industry. They make it their mission to meet the needs of their clients while keeping them safe and secure at the same time.

What Is The Cloud Hash Pro ICO?

The company launched on May 10th of 2016 apparently and has been running for a total of 653 days since then. They claim to already have 3,893,099 members which would be insane. The total deposit of the company by members is said to be $11,031,366.72 with a total withdraw of $22,216,659.57. They are protected by a DDOS Status protocol.

They are also the owners of several different data centers around the world that are located in the US, Asia, and Europe. This is said to be why they are so successful. The network operates on CoinBase and AirBitz. Wallets used are Blockchian and Xapo.

There is a market cap of $77,829,716,960.00 with a total of 482,882 blocks. The hashrate is 7108353254.76. And the network speed is 108.5 PH/s.

Who Is Behind Cloudhash Pro?

There is no disclosure on the headquarters, other than the locations of supposed data centers. And there is no information on the team behind the company.

Cloud Hash Pro Conclusion

The company makes a lot of very big claims, there isn’t a lot of information backing it however. Also, since there is no info on the founder, the team, or the physical location of the headquarters, we have to consider this a high-risk investment. Cloud Hash Pro should be approached very cautiously to say the least. There are other companies on the market that are proven trusted. Just make sure to do research and protect yourself before investing with any anonymously run cryptocurrency company like

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