There are many sites in which you can bet using cryptocurrency online. Not all of them are very safe or good to use, though, so you have to be aware of the best choices you can make to obtain the best results when gambling or betting. There are so many options that it is pretty easy to feel overwhelmed and just use the first site you can find on Google but don’t do that.

If you are looking for a good betting site, you’re in luck, because today we are reviewing a site called Cloudbet to discover if it can be an interesting choice for our readers.

What Is Cloudbet?

Cloudbet is a worldwide betting site. There are not many secrets to it. You register yourself in the site, choose between a big variety of games and start betting. There are many kinds of games, so you’ll be able to bet on almost any casino game imaginable and sports as well.

You also have the option to play “for fun”. In this option, you can get to know the games before betting, which can be very useful for choosing the games you like the most before you really start to bet using your money for real.

How Does Cloudbet Work?

You register on the site and then play as much as you want and your credits allow. If you are insecure about using Cloudbet, there plenty of assurances that the company is legit on the site. You can check out their gambling license and their rules if you feel insecure.

Obviously, you are not allowed to cheat. If Cloudbet discovers any kind of cheating in their site, they will terminate your account and you will probably lose the money you deposited there, so if you are a legitimate player, you find that the site is pretty secure.

How To Play In Cloudbet?

It’s very simple to play in Cloudbet. You only need two things before you start playing: a valid email address and Bitcoin (you can’t use other cryptocurrencies in this site, so exchange them to Bitcoin if you want to bet on it). Registering using an email and then depositing BTC is all that you need to do to start playing. You don’t need to post any personal information on the site.

The minimum deposit you can make is 0.001 BTC, but you can deposit as much as you want. The minimum withdrawal amount is also 0.001 BTC. When you register, you receive a bonus, but you can only withdraw this bonus after earning Loyalty Points by playing.

CloudBet Verdict

Cloudbet seems like a safe bet. The company is legit and you will probably be able to play without any issues. There are plenty of games to play with or without money, so you won’t get bored so soon if you use this site.

If you want to know other gambling sites or if you’re interested in good ways to invest your cryptocurrency, feel free to browse our blog to find the best deals.

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