What Is CloudBric?

Cloudbric is an AI-based cybersecurity platform that aims at completely changing the cybersecurity market by offering users access to information security that is transparent through its Decentralized Universal Security Platform. Additionally, Cloudbric seeks to merge cybersecurity with artificial intelligence, and in doing so, introduce user-focused solutions to the cybersecurity market.

Cloudbric runs using VISION, which is a deep learning module that will provide users with a wide variety of cybersecurity solutions and create a decentralized security ecosystem within the platform. The deep learning technology also makes Cloudbric one of the most advanced cybersecurity vendors in the cybersecurity market.

CloudBric Smart Blockchain Security Performance Coin Components

Cloudbric has three tools that it provide to its users:

  • BlackIPedia, where all malicious and blacklisted IP addresses that the platform detects are listed.
  • WAFER, which enables users to measure their web security performance
  • Threat Index, where web exploits and vulnerabilities are listed.

Challenges CloudBric Seeks To Address

Cloudbric will address the major information security challenges that end users face such as:

Oversaturation Of Security Solutions

There are over 1600 solutions in the cybersecurity market worldwide that users have to choose from in order to solve various information security issues. This makes the selection of a solution complicated and burdensome. The complex nature of cybersecurity also leads to some vendors take advantage of vulnerable users.

Through the Cloudbric platform, users will access of the multiple security solutions in one unified platform therefore making it easy for them to manage the solutions.

Lack Of Transparency Of Intelligence Data

Cybersecurity vendors who provide services to end users collect a lot of cyber threat information such as malicious IP addresses, files infected with malware or attack patterns and behaviors. However, these vendors do not make such useful information accessible to the public but use it for their own personal gain. Furthermore, the vendors do not offer compensation to the users who provide the information.

Cloudbric will provide a decentralized security ecosystem where users can access all the security and cyber threat information that the platform detects. The ecosystem will also have reward mechanism, which rewards users for contributing to the platform by recording anonymous cyber-attack log.

Uncertainty Of Security Performance

With the current structure of the cybersecurity market, identifying the effectiveness of a solution that a vendor provides is costly and requires many resources. This therefore means that general end users and small businesses cannot test the various security solutions due to the lack of finances and resources. It also means that fraudulent companies or vendors that lack security expertise can offer solution that might not necessarily be working.

The Cloudbric team has over 30 years of experience in cybersecurity, which is a guarantee of the top-notch security services and solutions that the platform will offer.

CloudBric CLB Tokens

Cloudbric’s utility tokens are known as Cloudbric cryptocurrency (CLB). Users can purchase CLB during the pre-sale and reverse ICO or through the exchanges. Token holders can use CLB to access the platform’s services such as the Secure Web Alliance. It will also provide users with access to the Security Development Ecosystem. Enterprise users who purchase the platform’s services using the CLB tokens will automatically receive a 50% discount.

CLB tokens will be the core of the reward program that will incentivize users in order to improve their participation in the improvement of the platform’s deep learning security detection capabilities to provide accurate security solutions for the users.

Users can store their CLB tokens within the CLB cryptocurrency wallet or have them transferred to any of their preferred cryptocurrency wallet.

Cloudbric CLB Token Reverse ICO Details

Cloudbric will launch a reverse ICO whose goal is empower it users to take control of the decentralized cybersecurity advancement within the platform and be part of the pioneer vendors that will offer cybersecurity solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and deep learning technology. The reverse ICO means that it offering its token sale as an already established firm with preexisting services and products compared to traditional ICOs whereby the firm is just beginning.

Funds collected during the reverse ICO will be allocated in developing a security based Decentralized Application (DApp) that will work hand in hand with the existing blockchain infrastructure therefore enabling the operations of the platform become blockchain based.

Details Of The ICO

  • Token: CLB
  • Tokens supply during ICO: 540,000,000 CLB
  • Total token supply: 1,000,000,000 CLB
  • Accepted payment methods: KRW, BTC, ETH, USDT

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