Before we get into this review, it is important for us to learn about Cloud Mining, and how it is carried out. In its core essence, Cloud Mining is the process by which cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are extracted.

This is done through the use of a remote data centre that possesses “shared processing power” capabilities. In order to carry out this process, users need to possess a computer with a high quality GPU and a software that is designed to lowly mine alt currencies.

About CloudMiner

Cloudminer (as the name suggests) is a Bitcoin cloud mining tool that allows for physical procuration of this digital currency. According to the company website, it has been designed via the use of intelligent algorithms that allow for automated mining that helps customers reap profits without having to check the software every 10 minutes.

Though our research, we have found that CloudMiner has its data centers in Asia, and via the use of “dedicated Up-Links“, the service is able to maintain good uptimes. As a result of all these features, mining power can be maintained at a high level, and energy utilization can be minimized.

Other key aspects to consider

(i) Easy to Use:

The platform is quite straightforward and easy to use. However, before we can enjoy the benefits of this product, we need to sign up. This is can be done by clicking on the relevant tab and then following the outlined details.

(ii) Assistance:

Cloudminer is designed for novices and experts alike. It provides its customers with loads of tips and tricks including ways to procure free Bitcoin wallets, as well as obtain different alt currencies.

(iii) Decent Returns:

According to the official company site, users have the ability to generate upto “0.00015 BTC every day” without making any huge investments. In addition to this, through upgrading the Cloudminer app to a more advanced version, customers are offered rewards of up to 0.25 BTC a day.

Partnership Programs

There are 4 different schemes within this domain that users can avail of. Depending upon which option is selected, customers can reap returns ranging anywhere between 20% to 60% every time one of our “referrals get an upgrade”. However, these incentives are also dependent upon the version of Cloudminer we are using. The various schemes include:

  • V 1: this program offers an ROI of 30%.
  • V 1.2: this program offers an ROI of 40%
  • V 1.3: this program offers an ROI of 50%
  • V 1.4: this program offers an ROI of 60%

What are Customers Saying About the CloudMiner System?

The reviews in relation to CloudMiner have been fairly positive up till now. Satisfied users include Peter Black who says ‘Surprisingly, I used to be an investor on Wall Street. And I’ve never seen anything like this in my 10 year tenure at the company.’ Similarly, Horst Wallbruch says ‘I no longer feel like I’m on the outside looking in while everyone else has all the fun.’

How Do I Sign Up?

The process is quite straightforward and can be initiated by clicking on the “Register button”. It can be completed within 10 minutes and basically requires us to fill out a few web forms. For any further details or queries regarding this system, customers need to get in touch with company officials via the “contact us” page.

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