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Clout, found online at, aims to decentralize modern media. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Clout CTC?

Clout is a decentralized media platform that aims to become a major influencer in the crypto space. The platform wants to become the standard in quality for everything crypto, including news, media, and investment.

Clout is described as “an online based integrated software that gives cryptocurrency investors a home.”

The name of the company comes from the word “clout”, which is defined as “influence or power, especially in politics or business.”

What Problems Does Clout Seek to Solve?

User-generated content creates billions of dollars’ worth of revenue every year. However, all of the value created through content monetization never reaches users themselves. Instead, it’s reserved for a few shareholders of large social media outlets.

At the same time, today’s media platforms lack curation. This leads to fake news, misleading information, clickbait, and the encouragement of “pop” content. There’s no incentive for high-quality content and no disincentive for low-quality content.

Clout aims to solve these issues by creating a new type of social media platform.

How Does Clout Work?

Clout wants to solve all of the above problems by creating a social media platform where users are incentivized to share high-quality content. On this platform, users are encouraged to curate content. The platform also shares advertising revenue with content creators.

The entire platform is built on the blockchain. Clout’s services are catered towards the cryptocurrency community. It’s primarily a media outlet for crypto-related information.

The blockchain is used as an incentive layer for both users and readers, rewarding them for acting in the platform’s best interests.

Clout provides users with an intuitive interface based on familiar social media concepts. Users can monetize their crypto-related content. Meanwhile, readers are financially incentivized to monitor the platform and to curate content. Readers receive a reward for promoting high-quality material and demoting poorly-written, inaccurate, or plagiarized content.

The end result is a hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and workers. That hub is designed to promote accurate, high-quality content. It will be available in multiple languages.

You get started on Clout by logging in with your existing social media account – like Facebook, Twitter, or Google. You can then customize your account with a profile picture, description, contacts, and more. Your user dashboard will also feature a built-in wallet for ERC223 CLOUT and CLC tokens.

After signing up for Clout, you’ll be able to view key features like:

  • A home base for cryptocurrency news and media, where all information from various platforms is consolidated, and the integrity of the content is maintained through a reward system
  • A platform for content sharers and creators alike with constant incentives to make quality contributions through the CLC daughter token
  • Resources where you can conduct due diligence on ongoing ICOs or promote advancements in blockchain technology
  • A “Who’s Who” section where you can learn about various cryptocurrencies and other members of the blockchain space

Technically speaking, the Clout platform will run programming languages including Angular 2, Python, PostgreSQL, and Solidity/JavaScript Truffle + Mocha (for Clout’s Ethereum Smart Contracts).

How Do CLOUT and CLC Tokens Work?

There are two types of tokens on the Clout ecosystem, including CLOUT and CLC tokens:

  • Cloud Token (CLOUT)
  • Clout Currency (CLC)

The tokens are utility tokens. Those who hold CLOUT tokens are eligible to receive CLC in yearly batches, similar to how you stake tokens on other blockchains. The CLC token acts as the fuel for the platform. It’s required to create, rate, like, or share content within Clout. This ensures that those who receive the CLC token have a vested interest in Clout, which directly incentivizes them to act in the platform’s best interest.

If a member’s post or comment is rated accurate, and is liked by the community, then a percentage of the CLC gathered will be paid back to the original poster.

The initial supply of CLC is equal to the amount of CLOUT. It will be distributed to token sale participants at a 1:1 ratio. Only 100 million CLOUT tokens will ever be created. A maximum of 1 billion CLC will be generated over the lifetime of the Clout platform. Auto genesis mining will be used to generate the first batch of CLC.

The 100 million CLOUT tokens are allocated to the following:

  • 2.5 million tokens to project early adopters from the pre-ICO
  • 10 million tokens for the ICO
  • 30 million tokens to motivate developers and pay bounties to develop the Clout platform
  • 25 million tokens for the Clout fund, where they will be used to invest in other blockchain projects
  • 22.5 million tokens to motivate Clout developers and executives over time
  • 5 million tokens for the founders, to be released during a 20 month period
  • 5 million tokens to be released every 1 year over the next 5 years, based on certain milestones in the Clout roadmap

The tokens were sold during a November 2017 ICO. The price was set at $1 per CLOUT During the pre-ICO, rising to $2.50 to $10 per CLOUT during the main ICO.

Who’s Behind Clout CLC?

Clout CLC is led by founder and president Sean Kirtz, a fintech solution architect and recognized entrepreneur. Other key members of the team include Frank Lucido (co-founder and vice president), Simon Josef (co-founder and design lead), David Cohen (CEO), and Serge Nikitin (CFO).

Clout CLC Conclusion

Clout is a decentralized media platform catered to the cryptocurrency industry. The platform aims to incentivize the publishing of good content while discouraging the publishing of bad, fake, or “cheap” content.

The platform revolves around the use of CLOUT tokens and CLCs. To learn more about Clout, visit online today at You can sign up for the beta online today.

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