Clovyr CEO Amber Baldet Added To Zcash Foundation’s Advisory Board

Zcash (ZEC) is a highly-publicized privacy coin that helps consumers to preserve their anonymity with each transaction. Recently, they held the Community Governance Panel Election, during which time the advisory board finally settled on adding Amber Baldet, who was the lead of blockchain technology at JP Morgan. She also maintained a role as the CEO of Clovyr.

During Baldet’s time at JP Morgan, she headed up the Quorum project, which was a blockchain platform that was supposedly planned to be an extension of the financial institution. It was not until after her departure last April, Baldet revealed that she had her heart set on developing and launching her own blockchain startup – Clovyr.

Clovyr is meant to help promote the development of a decentralized application, which will exist on either a private network or the Ethereum Blockchain. With Clovyr, there will be new tools that prioritize privacy like other efforts having, though the platform eventually will help to run full nodes.

Along with Baldet, Ariann Simpsons is already part of the board, representing Autonomous Partners. She is both founder and managing director, and the fund primarily works with crypto and other digital assets. Ian Miers, who founded Zcash as one of the scientists, has newly been added to the board as well.

In an announcement this week, Zcash told the public that they have launched Overwinter, which is an upgrade that will help the current systems to prepare for the upgrades as they release. When this update went live, consumers could see the latest changes, including,

“versioning, replay protection for network upgrades, performance improvements for transparent transactions, a new feature of transaction expiry, and more.”

While most platforms release a roadmap with their whitepaper and even their ICO, Zcash only recently released theirs for the next two years. Among the plans, they will be improving privacy assurances and increasing the benefits of the wallet. As Baldet works with the current advisory team, her work will increase the company’s expertise, while supporting the platform through their latest project, worth $700 million.

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