club leon

Club Leon claims to be a closed investment group for entrepreneurs and visionaries in the crypto industry. Inside Club Leon, members vote and decide on virtual currencies to purchase, and also receive insider knowledge as a perk of being part of Club Leon.

Club Leon Details

  • 1 LifeTime Membership Token: 120 Ether
  • Club Leon is limited to 1000 members (only 886 left)
  • Member sale ends: 15.11.2017
  • Consult With The Best: You consult in groups or in direct messages
  • CLUB LEON members select, who gets in or not

Club Leon Members’ Meeting


  • 02.12.2017
  • Grand members meeting.


  • 20.01.2018
  • 1000 Chairs

Secret location revealed 1 day before the date in private messages to all members.

Why Invest In Cryptocurrencies And Why Not?

There are 3 main very good reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies. To begin with, because you would like to market your net-worth contrary to the fall of the Dollar imperium, which can be supposed by many people to necessarily happen at any time. Second, as you encourage the societal vision behind cryptocurrencies — that of a free and decentralized currency for the whole world. Third, since you know and like the technology.

But, in addition, there are quite a few bad reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies. Many men and women fall prey to the hype surrounding every cryptocurrency-bubble. There's always somebody caught by FOMO (fear of falling out), purchasing massively in at the peak of a bubble, just in hope to make fast cash, while not comprehending cryptocurrencies at all. That's a bad reason. Do not do this. Learn before you invest.

If you purchase altcoins, there are a number of rules to discriminate the good from the bad. Very good coins have a transparent technical vision, an energetic development group, and a vivid, enthusiastic community. Bad coins are in translucent, encourage fuzzy technical advantages without explaining how to achieve them, and also have a community that's mostly focused on becoming wealthy. Maybe the worst shatter of cryptocurrencies are the MLM coins, for example, OneCoin, that goal the technical uninformed with a multi level marketing system, promising to be the following Bitcoin. Beware of these!

Club Leon Conclusion

The cryptocurrency markets are a blazing, frequently confusing ecosystem, in which you find thousands of opportunities to win a great deal of money — and to lose it. Each day brings birth to new coins and death to a old coins. Every day sees some coins greatly falling, and some gain in value.

Whatever the market holds, Club Leon claims to help their investors with making the best investment choices possible through their expertise and group buying model.

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