The world of cryptocurrency is the hottest industry to invest in right now. It not only offers the most rewarding investment opportunity, it is also proving the smartest and most sustainable way to earn regular income with little effort. If you did not know, cryptocurrencies are mined on a computer that uses electrical power to generate hashes in a proof-of-work system.

With the opportunity to mine Bitcoin and altcoins arose a new kind of threat to computer users: miners that use malware to mine cryptocurrency at the expense of the computer owner. With these new malicious mining trends, it has become necessary for anti-malware software companies to develop new solutions to detect and eliminate these malicious miners from their clients’’ system swiftly and safely.

Power Of Machine Learning In Fighting Mining Malware

Trend Micro, one of the top anti-virus software companies, has developed a new Locality Sensitive Hashing machine learning hash that has the capacity to detect unauthorized cryptocurrency mining malware in a user’s computer. This tool uses file-comparison system to find cryptocurrency mining programs with similar architecture and file structures, and groups them based on their behavior for easy and accurate detection.

TLSH, as the Trend Micro Locality Sensitive Hash is referred to, clusters cryptocurrency mining malware to ensure that even modified malware do not pass the detection system. It analyzes the clusters and calculates potential threat by mathematically calculating ‘distance scores’ between two files then generates a common coinminer malware TLSH that other malware groups are close to.

Detection By Clustering And Categorization

Through clustering, TLSH enables cybersecurity researchers to formulate the patterns that will be used to proactively fight cryptocurrency mining malware. This automated process has made it possible for experts to scrutinize the members of different malware groups, hence it has become possible to proactively identify individual malware and groups of malware based on similarities with different clusters.

Trend Micro’s TLSH also features an added functionality that enables the anti-malware algorithm to instantaneously scale its search parameters to crosscheck a large number of potentially malicious or any unknown files against known threats and malware group categories. Researchers are now confident that most cryptocurrency mining malware will not bypass this new intelligent anti-malware system.

Cluster of Coins Conclusion

Based on the results of TLSH testing, most mining malware in existence today mine monero cryptocurrency using the CryptoNight algorithm. Trend Micro is confident that with a little tweaking and improvement, their tool will put an end to the illegal cryptocurrency mining business for good.

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