What Is CNET Antigua & Barbuda Promising ICO?

The recent hurricanes in Caribbean countries have made it hard for the countries to get funding using the traditional channels. CNET is a firm that has created the first ICO for development (ICOD) which is designed to provide a real return for projects that exist. It will assist people by giving them jobs and supporting charities on the Antigua and Bermuda island.

CNET Antigua & Barbuda Benefits

The ICOD will grant safety and transparency and provide faster liquidity options for investors who will be part of the crowdfunding initiative. The Antigua and Barbuda government supports the ICO for development as a means of funding development in the Caribbean. The projects that impact people’s lives also offers benefits to the investors as they will:

 CNET Antigua & Barbuda Investments

In the first Antigua and Barbuda development coin release, CNET will be the government’s partner that will receive funds for the below projects:

  • The development of a solar power plant that has a battery storage backup
  • A hydroponics plant growing system
  • An aquaculture plant
  • An agriculture processing plant
  • A mega-farm to grow organic food
  • An orphanage, halfway house for battered women and an animal shelter
  • Land preparation and infrastructure rental business
  • A micro-finance business that can give credit to the residents of Antigua
  • A travel business that can give discounted trips
  • An export business that can sell organic food globally
  • A real estate brokerage firm that sells real estate and other businesses on the island

The ICOD is based on the Ethereum blockchain and will allow the Antigua and Barbuda development coin (ADC) to be used by the Antiguans and any other interested parties through the use of the Antigua and Barbuda wallet. The investors will use the Antigua e-wallet to buy and sell the ADC. The wallet will also be used as the platform for the administration of credit from the micro-credit project.

CNET Antigua will get profits from the selling of solar power to the government. The sale of organic fruits, fish, and vegetables to the neighboring islands and outside countries as exports will be another source of income. The projects will further employ the residents of Antigua and Barbuda. Out of the total profits, 50% will go to the project investors while the other 50% will be re-invested to the projects to increase their size and also generate more income for the investors.

CNET Antigua & Barbuda ICOD ICO Details

The Antigua and Barbuda development coin (ADC) is priced at 1ADC=$1.The coin is ERC23 compatible token and payment accepted during the ICO will be Ethereum. During the pre-ICO sale, a 20% bonus will be given, and 5,000,000 ADC will be issued for purchase. The benefits of ICOD include:

  • Visible results- The ICO of the ADC will allow for the development of visible projects such as the aquaculture, solar, hydroponic plants, and these will generate the income for the investors.
  • Investors get monthly returns that are delivered through smart contracts
  • Weekly reports on the progress of the projects will be provided via social media
  • The project website will provide monthly financial statements.

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