What is CNT Future?

The main goal of this new company is to help the people of the world conserve energy, improve their health and help charities around the world succeed. And the company is primarily focused on making this all happen with cryptocurrency. CNT Future also plans on making this all happen at the same time.

How Does Cnt Future Work?

The company was started with the future in mind. Their purpose is to help a massive number of people engage with the world in a different way. They want people to start doing their own mining with pro tools like poW and poS. But they want to make it all happen in a democratic fashion. One that is suited for all individuals without them needing expensive, powerful hardware and all of their energy.

They want humanity to conserve their energy for pressing matters. That is why they created this system, it will reward its users through an Application. Wpes stands for walking power energy shares, the shares can be converted in the near future to currency people can store in a Cnt wallet.

The purpose is to create real mining possibilities for everyone out there. The platform uses Equihash Algo, it is said to be the perfect system for CPU mining and GPU mining. It will allow the users to mine themselves from a secure network and at the same time they will earn rewards for their efforts. And they promise it will work in a democratic way.

CNT Future plans on prohibiting mining systems altogether, ones known as ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuit. They are extremely efficient circuits that have been optimized for crypto mining. But if you ask the founders of Cnt Future, they make mining too centralized and smaller miners are pushed out while larger companies have all the influence and control. According to them, that defeats the purpose of crypto currency entirely.

They will instead make it possible for people to accomplish indirect mining without using a bunch of energy. CNT Future will use reward coins through an app specially designed to distribute coins for each step a user takes. The final result is that people will be able to get number identical to real mining but without the expensive machines and high energy consumption. It is going to be to set up to be used by anyone in the world without them having to go through the hard to understand technical setup and difficulties that come with actual mining. It helps people save money and saves nature at the same time because less energy is being used.

CNT will use Blockchain technology to make everything work effectively for everyone. And that is where they consider it to be a democratic solution for people. It will be integrated with other technology they are developing to make it easier for the everyday person. And the technology is also designed to make it completely green for the environment.

CNT Future in Conclusion

CNT Future will use a special algorithm that will penalize miners depending on how much power they use. They hope to substitute time and energy with real energy for mining and to decentralize any mining operations that are currently in place. While this a great concept and idea, there are definitely going to be some major challenges they will have to face, especially from larger companies and individuals who already have massive mining operations in place that are generating massive incomes. Plus, they’re a new company and we will have to wait to see how everything plays out for Cnt Future.

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