From payments for ads to payments for services, cryptocurrency is taking over.

It is not hard to see why. Cryptocurrencies offer as much freedom and anonymity as the internet. What better way to put it to use than to use it in exchange for tech services?

That's where Code coin market comes in.

What Is CodeCoin?

Code Coin market is a decentralized platform for coders and code buyers.

It supports the notion that you don't have to be a techie to disrupt the tech space. All you need is an idea and coders will do the rest.

That's what the Code Coin market stands for and Cogeco in is the medium of exchange.

All you have to do on the Code coin market is sing up, buy code coin, put out your coder request, and hire the right one.

Simple. Hassle free.

What's more? The use of code coin eliminates the risk of fraud and creates transparency. Not to mention the power of blockchain security.

That's why coders and buyers love code coin market: value when they need it.

CodeCoin Buy & Sell Coding Services Market Features

Features of the Code coin marketplace include:

  • Codecoin Forum: a platform for coders and code buyers to meet, interact and share.
  • Codecoin media partners: places you can read up about code coin. They include ICO-bound. Fondaco. ICOholder, ICO Checker, and Last crypto.

CodeCoin CODE ICO Details

Codecoin sounds like a great vision? Would you like to invest in code coin? Head over to the initial coin offering to buy available tokens.

Please, note that tokens will only pay out after Etherum payment confirmation. Also, we advise that you pay for an ERC 20 compatible wallet.

The hard cap of code coin tokens will follow a distribution pattern of 1% of the Code coin tokens. 60% of the cap value expected through the token sale will have future monthly airdrop. And bounty to account for 9% of the hard cap, 20% of the tokens to go on project funds, and the final 10% to be on community fund.

As an early investor in the ICO of Code Coin, you will discount of up to 50%.


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