CodeMail Global Decentralized Blockchain Communication Network

What Is CodeMail Global Decentralized Communication?

The CodeMail projects wants to build a secure, anonymous, a decentralized network that will make it possible to transmit data without any restrictions globally. Communication on this network will be in the form of existing formats such as chat, SMS, MMS, and file transfer. The entire system will be based on the blockchain.

With this project, the developers hope to solve most of the existing issue of privacy and security when sending or receiving data over the internet. You will have full control and access to all your data.

CodeMail Blockchain Communication Network Features


The network will utilize end-to-end encryption to ensure that all your data remains secure while it is in storage. Thus, it will be protected from any theft, hacking, or monitoring. There will be no central authority managing your data. Thus, the data cannot be shared with any third party.


On this platform, you will be assured of your privacy and thus your freedom of speech. All accounts will remain anonymous and only correspondents can see the communication. The system will have an unlimited amount of aliases. The data self-destructs once you delete it.

Decentralized Storage

To ensure total security, the data is encrypted, compressed, and split into chunks that are stored in multiple copies across the blockchain network. The user storage is unlimited and comes at a very affordable price.

Easy To Use

Although it uses secure and complex blockchain technology, the system will have a user-friendly interface. There will be clients provided for Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. Besides that, it will be possible to sync data across various devices.

Cost Effective

Stamps will power the system. You will only need to pay for what you require in tiny transactions. Besides that, you will be able to lend resources and be compensated in stamps. This will help to offset the costs and even receive payment. The good thing about the system is that things like SPAM will prove to be quite costly.

An Open Source Community

The creators of this project intend to create an open source developer API. This will ensure there is a vibrant community that has a huge potential for innovating. The community will be similar to decentralized microblogging without any boundaries. Besides that, all the code will be open source. This will allow the community to vet and audit the network.

CodeMail Components

Messaging App

A user-friendly messaging app will be developed. It will have things such as account management, which will make it possible to create aliases, addresses, send and receive messages, manage contacts, and built-in wallet. It will even feature the ability to move unsecured mail to CodeMail with an unlimited amount of storage.

Other components are the network node and the Dev API toolkit.

CodeMail ICO Details

The pre-sale ICO is already live. The main sale will be broken down into four tranches. The earlier you purchase, the better a deal you will get.


  • Hard cap: 20 million USD

Main Sale

  • Start: May 1
  • End: May 29 or upon the sale of 500 million STPZ
  • Current Rate: 1 ETH+16,000 STPZ until May 1

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