Experienced members of the crypto community already know by now that the influence of blockchain technologies is expanding far beyond the realm of simple payment solutions.

Today there are NGO’s, Environmental agencies, Tea Traders, Farmers who are making use of crypto services that make their lives easier. Owing to the fact that digital currencies are transferred without any hassle or time delay, many people are slowly making use of the crypto network to advertise, sell and promote their products.

About CoffeeCoin

According to information sourced from the company’s website and other outlets on the web, we can find that CoffeeCoin serves as the world’s first Blockchain-based specialty ‘coffee trading platform’. The initiative has been taken to weed out corporations that sell frozen, nutritionally dead coffee beans under various famous brand names.

The aim of CoffeeCoin is to empower local growers and allow for their product to directly reach their audience, without any middlemen interfering in the harvesting and manufacturing processes.

Other Key Aspects

(i) Based on Market Studies:

There is a mountain of evidence which suggests that coffee will remain one of the world's most widely consumed beverages for many years to come. In fact, many people who were surveyed in 2017 study said that ‘they would buy specialty coffee if given the choice, and the right platform.’ does exactly that, and gives customers the choice to choose between a wide array of high quality brews (all at affordable rates).

(ii) Blockchain Based:

The CoffeeCoin network is built upon the Waves Blockchain. According to information found online, CoffeeCoin tokens are a fully ‘Tradable, Transferable and Fungible’ digital asset.

(iii) Good Growth Potential:

All of the market studies done in relation to this project point to the fact that CoffeeCoin will gradually increase in its value, as the demand for the trading platform increases.

Who is Behind CoffeeCoin?

This project is the brainchild of James Allen, a coffee specialist who has been involved with the world of coffee and blockchain technology since 2013. It was around this time, that James launched his Roast Station Project in Bali (this project eventually morphed into CC) when he was backpacking and exploring S.E. Asia. In the past 5 years, he has become one of the first people in the world to trade coffee for bitcoin

With CoffeeCoin, James envisions to amalgamate the world of high quality with that of blockchain. This project has the potential to revolutionize the way this beverage is sold, especially certain special beans that are otherwise retailed at exorbitant prices (under the guise of being so called “luxury items”).

How Do I Get Involved?

Interested customers can visit the official company page and check out the various means of buying tokens. The pre sale has ended, and thus users cannot avail of the ICO-benefits anymore. Lastly, if there are any queries or doubts regarding the functionality of this platform, individuals can shoot an email to James.

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  1. Completely terribly ran ICO. He overpriced his pre-ico at a valuation of .025 waves or at the time… 0.5 USD. When the ICO it became known he priced one coffeecoin at .00026 waves or around .001 USD. He fooled his earliest backers.


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