The word blockchain has become quite common these days and is used most frequently in relation to bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. In their basic essence, a blockchain can be defined as a decentralized public ledger which can keep track/ record any online transactions that may take place over many computers located around the globe. Once a record has been made on a blockchain network it cannot be altered, unless all of the subsequent records are also altered.

What Is Cognizant?

It is now common knowledge that blockchain strategies are steadily gaining traction in many organizations around the globe. Companies have started to become more and more aware of newer business transaction models as well as the fact that the current market seems to be heading in a direction of digital currency.

Naturally, blockchain technologies have come out as a forerunner in the next wave of business transactional means. As mentioned earlier, Blockchain is a “smart, decentralized, trusted and highly-encrypted network of computing nodes that is poised to be the next disruptive wave in digital business”. Thus, for businesses who want to stay relevant in the coming future, it is good to explore strategies that can help us make use of such technologies.

What Is Cognizant Offering?

Cognizant has been a global market leader in the field of digital services for over 20 years now. The company offers its clients with a plethora of essential insights about blockchain so that their business can take the next leap forward. Cognizant helps its clients envision new ways of applying business thinking and technology so that they can be amply prepared when the international markets start to move in favor blockchain technologies.

According to market research, the change has already started and blockchain is now being utilized in services ranging from retail, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing.

Why Should I Choose Cognizant?

According to research data, Cognizant has based all of its future trend findings on information that has been collected through interactions with 1520 financial executives and 578 financial services firms. The reports are highly detailed and contain estimates as to how blockchain is going to impact individual industries and how preventive measures can be taken to absorb any potential monetary losses.

What Is Market Research Indicating?

Based upon studies released by Cognizant as well as many other leading firms in the world, it can be seen that blockchain has been described as the next big thing in the digital market. Statistically speaking, researchers at cognizant have found that a majority (91%) of tech experts say that blockchain is going to affect at least 95% of all businesses around the world at some point in time. Apart from that, there are nearly 48% of company owners (CEO’s) who say that blockchain services will fundamentally transform the industry itself. Thus, the sooner we become more adept in such technologies, the better we can adapt to what lies ahead of us.

Cognizant Conclusion

People interested in learning more about blockchain and how it can affect their company’s future can get in touch with excerpts by simply leaving a message on Cognizant’s official web page.

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