Social media is a way of life in today’s world. More and more people are spending hours on end chatting and catching up with friends and family through social media. And with technological advancements more innovations are cropping up, some changing how people view and utilize the social platforms.

So, the innovative blockchain technology does not only appeal to the financial sector. It cuts across various sectors with the social space seeing the creation of new applications. One such project is the Coiin, a digital engagement platform that tracks and rewards users through the blockchain for promoting engaging and voting on social media.

Making money or having a reward system as you engage on social media sounds too good to be true. But it is now a reality.

Social Monetization

Social capital is the most valuable global currency. The benefits created by social interactions on platforms such as Facebook are huge. And such social media platforms are reaping the majority of the financial benefits by leveraging the value. How about all parties enjoying the benefits by humanity co-owning the social monetization platform of the future? Amazingly, this is the solution that Coiin offers.

What Is Coiin?

The Coiin platform allows users who spend time on social media to act upon the value of social affinity networks that they have created through sharing personal moments. This can be engaged in real-time through e-commerce, Omnichannel content sharing, gaming, and voting. It takes the social media experience to a whole new level.

How Coiin Social Engagement Cryptocurrency Blockchain Works

Coiin makes use of the blockchain technology. The Coiin blockchain is used to grow and generate shared wealth within a user’s social network. It also makes it easier for users to donate, vote, share and engage in campaigns with a digital recording made available. Finally, the platform reward system uses the technology to track posting and engagement across all social channels.

The Coiin economy allows users to vote on a variety of key decisions that arise on the platform. Coiin users can also use it to buy goods or services, pay vendors or simply convert it into cash. If you are into charity events and your philanthropy is in your DNA, the platform allows you to donate the Coiin you earn to worthy causes of your choice.

Coiin Conclusion

Coiin will be rewarding users who promote the Atari Movie which will be breaking ground in the film industry. How about engaging in related social media campaigns and voting to cash in on this social currency?

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