Coil Founder Talks Ripple Departure, Works To Develop XRP Inter Ledger

One of the main problems that people who create content for the internet face is the monetization. Many blogs struggle to find ways to monetize their content and pay their contributors. This is not a new problem and has been a prominent one since the start of the web. Coil is a company that intends to change this reality.

What Will Coil Do?

The company intends to turn sites that slow your browser by using a lot of ads a thing of the past by creating a new model for the users. Coil intends to offer new solutions that are unused until the moment in the industry calls for it, unlike micropayments and subscriptions.

How Coil Web Content Monetization Business Model Works

The goal of the company is to “refactor the web economy”. Coil believes that an open market is needed to compensate everybody involved in the content market. With the technology available today, companies will be finally able to develop a new method of monetization Coil Review.

The technology is Ripple and some of the products developed by the company like XRP and Interledger, for instance, is able to process trillions of transactions in a single second without even needing any kind of central authority. This could create a whole new way to pay for content in a simple way without needing all the hassle that micropayments generally have.

The first product created by the company will be a flat-rate subscription system that the consumers will be able to access to support the creators that they like without having to use paywalls and see ads.

Coil Founder: Stefan Thomas

Stefan Thomas, the creator of Coil, was formerly the CTO of Ripple, but he decided to resign to start this new company and change the content market forever. By using the Interledger technology, Thomas intends to create a market for apps and content in which everybody can really be rewarded for their efforts.

The company will be based in San Francisco and will have the support of Chris Larsen and Evan Schwartz, which will join as board members of the company.

Coil Verdict

While there is still a lot of time to see what is going to happen to Coil, Stefan Thomas’ portfolio is really very good and we have no doubts that this project has major chances for success. Investing in it might be a risk, as it always is, but it can certainly be one that will be worth it.

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