Coin Active LTD

Coin Active LTD is a high yield program (HYIP) that is registered in the United Kingdom. The owners of the site promise returns as high as 9% daily for its investors, and allow people to invest XRP, DASH, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin through its web interface.

It should be noted that Coin Active LTD, like all HYIPs are extremely risky to invest in. Many of these platforms are nothing more than poorly disguised Ponzi schemes. This means that instead of delivering a profit to its customers, people end up losing their principal investments instead, and this has happened any times before.

Investors should be especially cautious when it comes to these platforms, if not ignore them altogether.

How Does Coin-Active Work?

Unfortunately, there is little information about how Coin Active actually works in terms of delivering profits to its customers. On the website, (which does not appear to be written by a native speaker) it states that Coin Active has a team of professionals who will willingly invest money on behalf of its customer base, but there is nothing more about the company provided than that.

Something else to mention about Coin Active is that the website suffered what it calls a ‘security outage,’ which sent Coin Active offline for a many months. The website is online now, but the exact details around the outage or if it will happen again have not been provided.

Coin-Active Earn Daily Crypto Investment Plans

Customers can invest in the following currencies through Coin Active:

  • XRP: 7.5% daily
  • DASH: 8.0% daily
  • BTC: 9.0% daily
  • ETH: 160% once
  • LTC: 2.0% daily

The above figures were taken from the Coin Active website, and each kind of coin has their own individual minimum and maximum deposit limits.

Can You Trust Coin-Active?

Coin Active uses SSL to secure its site and has a certificate of incorporation from the UK companies office. Although these are both reliable trust indicators, this is a common strategy for defrauding investors out of their money, so they should not be taken at face value.

Website does not have any information on who the founders of Coin Active are, and there are no links to their social media presence on the site either. Throughout the site, there is numerous spelling and grammatical errors which make it seem like it was not written by a native English speaker. It’s all these things that make Coin Active a very risky proposition, given the reputation of HYIPs in general as well as the quality of the site and minimal information given about how it works.

Coin-Active Conclusion

Coin Active is one of the many HYIPs that exist on the internet today. HYIPs have an unreliable reputation in the market, as some are even run by professional fraudsters who have the sole intention of ripping people off.

Be very careful before you invest money with Coin Active or any site that promises guaranteed returns. As especially in the case of cryptocurrencies, there are no guarantees of any sort when it comes to making a return on your money, even in the best of market conditions.

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