What Is Coin-Fuser?

COIN-FUSER is a cryptocurrency trading and investment company managed by professional crypto traders seeking to achieve partnership assets and access to new markets. Under their hedge fund concept, COIN-FUSER hopes to offer a long-term investment program based on cryptocurrency markets.

Investors will get to achieve the financial freedom they want but in a much simpler way since COIN-FUSER will provide the relevant expertise. Overall, COIN-FUSER is seeking to become a leading and trustable trading company that assist investors in making a profitable return from around the globe

How Coin-Fuser Cryptocurrency Trading Investment Plans Works

The experts at COIN-FUSER intend to use their experience and the latest technologies to help the investors increase their profits while also reducing the risks of losses. The platform intends to do this under the following plans:

Daily Plan

For the minimum investment of 0.005 BTC, COIN-FUSER promises a daily return of 3.5% and of a further 160% for the total period. The plan runs for 50 days.

Weekly Plan

If you decide on the weekly plan, you get a weekly return of 25% for 10 weeks. Overall, the profit for this plan comes to 250%.

Monthly Plan

For a period of 3 months, the monthly plan offers a return of 115% each month. That totals to a return of 345%.

Coin-Fuser Payment Methods

COIN-FUSER will provide for the following payments methods:

BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Dash, Monero, ZCash, Ripple, BitConnect, Bitcoin Cash, PerfectMoney, Payeer and AdvCash.

Minimum Investment

  • BTC – 0.005000
  • LTC – 0.300000
  • DASH – 0.050000
  • XMR – 0.150000
  • ZEC – 0.080000
  • ETH – 0.06000
  • XRP – 100.000000
  • BCC – 0.170000
  • BCH – 0.045000
  • PerfectMoney, Payeer, ADVCash – $20

Minimum Withdrawals

  • BTC – 0.005000
  • LTC – 0.050000
  • DASH – 0.005000
  • XMR – 0.010000
  • ZEC – 0.005000
  • ETH – 0.005000
  • XRP – 20.000000
  • BCC – 0.002000
  • BCH – 0.001000
  • PerfectMoney, Payeer, ADVCash – $0.50

Coin-Fuser Benefits

Affiliate Program

Users get affiliate links to register new participants and earn the affiliates commission. The 5-level compensation system is:

  • Level 1- 10%
  • Level 2- 4%
  • Level 3- 2%
  • Level 4- 1%
  • Level 5%- 1%

Interactive Support

COIN-FUSER also understand the importance of reliable support service that is available 24/7 and will not hesitate to answer any queries regarding the customers' need.

Expert Trading Help

COIN-FUSER combines a professional trading team who work to make sure that you grab a profit at the end of each trading session.

Variety Of Payment Processors

The large number of payment methods provided by COIN-FUSER offers convenience regarding withdrawals and deposits.


COIN-FUSER also dedicate themselves to providing a secure server that will protect the user's investment without the risk of breaches or hacks.

Coin-Fuser Conclusion

For obvious reasons, COIN-FUSER has plenty of questionable elements that do point to more of a scam operation. First off, the ROTs are far-fetched, and there is no client review that the apparent profit levels are attainable. Additionally, there are links between the site and the defunct trading scam Coinreum, and this only adds the suspicion on its activities.

There is also an issue with the alleged trading results that COIN-FUSER has attained over the year. Overall, there is no evidence that this is a legitimate cryptocurrency investment platform and as a professional trader it is best to steer clear of such Ponzi schemes.

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