Coin Metrics is an ad-free analytics site and blog that provides exportable data and visualizations. The team claims to want to bring clarity to all cryptop related data, NVTs and provides downloadable data as well as resources for investors.

It seems like the team really wants to give clarity on a number of different aspects of transaction activities, market prices, and on-chain transactions. We had a deeper look at the site and collected the most important information for you.

Information Provided By Coin Metrics

Coinmetrics researches and collects a number of important information and creates data, charts (both downloadable) and even provides information for investors. We found a lot of information on the site, but here are the 4 biggest topics that the company concentrates on:

Network Value To Transactions Ratio

The NTV ration (Network Value to Transactions) is measured with the dollar value of the crypto asset transaction activity in relation to the network value. Through this method, the market price can be compared with market price one unit of on-chain transaction across various networks. This comparison tells that a “low” market to transaction value indicates an asset which is more cheaply valued per unit of on-chain transaction volume.

Network value exists of the complete market value of all tokens in circulation. The transaction element is a guess of the value of on-chain transaction activities pulled from block explorers and blockchains.

Coinmetrics collects these numbers and points out, that due to chain change outputs some figures might be imprecise. Nevertheless, this skewed estimation can be considered on a time-series and cross-section basis across multiple cryptoassets. Relative changes and positioning of NVT ratios are therefore still meaningful.

Coinbase uses a lot of resources to pull their data and all of them are listed. The site is therefore great to get deeper information on NVT. The site precisely lists it's different methods and data sources.

Data Downloads

Coinmetrics will provide daily cryptocurrency data like:

  • Transaction Count
  • On-Chain transaction volume
  • Value of created Coins
  • Price
  • Market cap
  • Exchange Volume

All these data can be downloaded in a CSV format and stretches back to December 2013. Also with all data downloads, the company list all sources and methods, so users know where all information is based on.


On the chart page, Coinmetrics lets you compare a large number of data with each other:

  • Transaction Volume
  • Transaction count
  • Average transaction Volume
  • Network Value
  • Price
  • Volatility of 30 or 60 days
  • Exchange volume
  • Volume of created coins
  • Fees and average fees in USD
  • Inflation
  • NVT
  • Exchange Volume to Transaction Volume
  • Network Value against Exchange Volume
  • Sartino Ratio’s

You can set the charts to whatever comparison you like. Another option that is provided is a rolling correlation of daily returns. Again, all methods and data resources are listed and described.

Coin Metrics Investor Resources

Here, the team of Coinmetrics gathers a lot of resources that were personally valuable to them. It does certainly not include everything, but the team's favorites and therefore most useful. The offered materials reach from quantitative tools like the one Coinmetrics built to research and academic papers.

Coin Metrics Verdict

Coinmetrics is a data aggregator and visualization service and blog. Any written content by the team is meant as an opinion it should serve for pure information purposes only. So please don’t use any of the materials as investment advice. But the site and also Coinmetrics social media is always up to date and it is a useful source of very specific cryptocurrency, trading and blockchain information.

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