Got many cryptocurrencies on various exchanges? Tired of having to enter a password and google authenticator to get into your respective accounts?

A major concern among several investors is the inability to manage all their digital assets. While wallets and hardware do exist, the ability to track the current price, related news and the percent of rise and fall of all purchased coins at once is difficult. This is where Coin Profit comes into play.

The following will introduce Coin Profit with respect to its purpose, functions, and its notable features and downfalls. This will allow one to see whether a system like that of Coin Profit truly works on an individualistic basis.

What Is Coin Profit?

Coin Profit is a mobile application that has been created with the purpose of calculating an individual’s cryptocurrency balances and losses. In addition, it claims to provide real-time news to ensure that people are ahead of their game when it comes to either buying, selling or simply holding. Currently, it can be downloaded on either
MacOS or Android devices.

How Does Coin Profit Work?

Coin Profit works by providing live calculations. It does so by taking one’s existing, digital assets and comparing them to real-time prices of different types of cryptocurrencies. This allows one to not only keep track of how much they have, but to also see how much they have made in terms of investments.

What Does Coin Profit Allow One To Do?

Based on the claims made, Coin Profit might allow one to create multiple portfolios and deposit cryptocurrencies in them, automatic calculations, advanced settings regarding passwords and preferred languages and the ability to set up personal notifications regarding future rises or falls of cryptocurrencies.

An advantage worth mentioning is its simplicity. This is something to consider, especially for newbies, as the entire concept of trading cryptocurrencies is relatively new, therefore an app like Coin Profit can allow one to make sense of the information provided. Because of this single feature, it is believed that approximately 20,000 users currently exist and are satisfied with Coin Profit’s service!

What Are Some Of Its Downfalls?

Based on current users, some of the downfalls of Coin Profit is the lack of a graphical representation and the need for frequently updated profits, key features that make it distinguishable, updates without having to login and out, and the ability to reduce font size, that way more data can be displayed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Coin Profit is comparatively new, as it has been updated on October 2017. This being said, it has room for growth. Unfortunately, transparency seems to be a concern, as details regarding the creators and team is yet to be disclosed. For security purposes, it is ideal to start with a few currencies and when one feels optimal comfort with its uses, then deposit more.

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