Ethereum Finally Catching Up to Bitcoin; DeFi Meanwhile Hits a New Record

This week, Bitcoin is flying, having surged 16.6% in value to hit a new 2020 high. While the leading cryptocurrency has been enjoying an uptrend, altcoins have been either flat or in losses. That has

Bitcoin’s Correlation with S&P 500 Drops by 90% as a New 2020 High is Made

Bitcoin spiked to a new 2020 high of nearly $13,300, a level last seen in early July 2019 after Paypal announced it would allow its customers to use cryptocurrencies. The leading cryptocurrency jumped

Paul Tudor Jones: Bitcoin Rally in its “First Inning,” Compares it to Investing in Apple & Google

“I like bitcoin even more now than I did then,” said billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones who made a bullish bet on Bitcoin this year in May with an investment of 1-2%, calling it

PayPal support spurs on crypto market surge

Today’s edition of OKEx Insights’ Crypto Market Daily covers Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins and DeFi.

Kraken Daily Market Report for October 21 2020

Overview Total spot trading volume at $444.6 million, as Bitcoin crossed the $13000 mark. Bitcoin began a positive streak towards the end of yesterdays session and continued through most of the day. Total futures notional ($270.8 million) also over double its weekly high of $117.3 million. In a day of great returns, Filecoin zagged with -14% returns over USD. Otherwise, it was all positive: Gnosis +25%, Link +10%, Litecoin +13%, and Waves (+8.5%). October 20, 2020  $244.7M traded across all markets today Crypto, EUR, USD, JPY, CAD, GBP, CHF, AUD XBT $11930. ↑1.4% $150.4METH $368.66 ↓2.9% $41.3MUSDT $1.0009 ↑0.03% $24.5MLINK $9.8473 ↓9.8% $12.1MDOT $3.9059 ↓2.1% $4.14MXMR $118.40 ↓5.9% $3.46MXRP $0.2434 ↓0.9% $2.94MBCH $240.93 ↓3.6% $2.71MADA $0.1023 ↓5.7% $2.33MXTZ $2.0541 ↓6.1% $2.09MLTC $46.934 ↓2.2% $1.87MUSDC $1.0000 ↓0.01% $1.68MATOM $5.0233 ↓8.7% $1.43MTRX $0.0259 ↑0.22% $1.22MXLM $0.0808 ↓5.1% $1.22MZEC $57.784 ↓9.8% $1.02MDASH $70.779 ↓5.5% $973KFIL $31.267 ↓8.5% $896KDAI $1.0088 ↑0.04% $622KOXT $0.2269 ↓6.1% $593KOMG $3.1295 ↓7.1% $578KYFI $13028. ↓4.9% $548KWAVES $2.8670 ↓2.4% $526KEOS $2.5279 ↓2.1% $498KALGO $0.2870 ↓5.4% $403KUNI $2.8589 ↓9.9% $350KCOMP $94.634 ↓8.0% $338KNANO $0.8797 ↑5.0% $331KSNX $3.7074 ↓0.4% $304KKSM $27.814 ↓4.0% $294KKAVA $1.8111 ↓7.8% $286KICX $0.3550 ↓5.1% $263KMLN $17.448 ↓4.4% $263KCRV $0.3585 ↓14% $257KXDG $0.0025 ↑0.07% $252KSC $0.0025 ↓8.8% $236KBAT $0.2084 ↓2.6% $230KETC $5.4664 ↓1.5% $219KREP $13.124 ↓4.2% $187KPAXG $1919.5 ↑0.4% $177KSTORJ $0.3715 ↓7.7% $173KGNO $49.295 ↑6.5% $131KQTUM $2.1465 ↓3.1% $128KKNC $0.8628 ↓5.2% $119KLSK $1.0717 ↓3.1% $85.6KREPV2 $13.001 ↓4.5% $48.0KBAL $12.340 ↓7.0% $29.4K

Immature Bitcoin Market Data Is ‘Garbage’ But It’s Sign of ‘Being Early’ – MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor

Since first announcing bitcoin purchase in August and again in September, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor had become a very vocal bitcoin supporter, a big change from seven years back when he thought

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is now available on Coinbase

Starting today, Coinbase supports Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) at Coinbase.com and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps. Coinbase customers can…

The Price Action Feedback Loop

Listen now (2 min) | To investors, There was a wave of positive news for Bitcoin this morning. It started with a significant price movement overnight that broke the $12,000 ceiling. This was a major price point that should open the door for further price appreciation due to lack of short interest at these higher levels.

BTC Price & PYPL Stocks Rejoice as PayPal Announces Support for Bitcoin, Ether, BCH & LTC

PayPal has officially gone crypto. The online payments company is now allowing its customers to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin and other digital currencies in PayPal's online wallets over the coming

First UK Public Listed Company, Mode Global Holdings, Converts 10% of Cash Reserves into Bitcoin

What started with public listed company MicroStrategy has now become a movement as more and more companies continue to join the ranks. This month, after Square, now comes the London stock exchange