New Capital & Old Money from Crypto Market All Moving into Bitcoin

Bitcoin is above $12,000 yet again. The leading digital currency went as high as $12,317 on Bitfinex and, at the time of writing has been trading just above $12,200. In these two days, Bitcoin has

BTC dominance rises as market leader pushes higher

Today’s edition of OKEx Insights’ Crypto Market Daily covers Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins and DeFi.

Kraken Daily Market Report for October 20 2020

Overview Total spot trading volume at $244.7 million, fueled by Bitcoin trading (57% of the crypto volume). Total futures notional at $150.0 million, where the December 25 total notionals beat out the October 30th total notional. Bitcoin touched the $12,000 level, then continued to rise sharply. Most of these gains, however, happened right after the day close and will be seen on tomorrow's report. Bitcoin flirted with levels not reached since 2018. Besides Bitcoin, most coins were negative, including -14% returns for Curve Dao. October 20, 2020  $244.7M traded across all markets today Crypto, EUR, USD, JPY, CAD, GBP, CHF, AUD XBT $11930. ↑1.4% $150.4METH $368.66 ↓2.9% $41.3MUSDT $1.0009 ↑0.03% $24.5MLINK $9.8473 ↓9.8% $12.1MDOT $3.9059 ↓2.1% $4.14MXMR $118.40 ↓5.9% $3.46MXRP $0.2434 ↓0.9% $2.94MBCH $240.93 ↓3.6% $2.71MADA $0.1023 ↓5.7% $2.33MXTZ $2.0541 ↓6.1% $2.09MLTC $46.934 ↓2.2% $1.87MUSDC $1.0000 ↓0.01% $1.68MATOM $5.0233 ↓8.7% $1.43MTRX $0.0259 ↑0.22% $1.22MXLM $0.0808 ↓5.1% $1.22MZEC $57.784 ↓9.8% $1.02MDASH $70.779 ↓5.5% $973KFIL $31.267 ↓8.5% $896KDAI $1.0088 ↑0.04% $622KOXT $0.2269 ↓6.1% $593KOMG $3.1295 ↓7.1% $578KYFI $13028. ↓4.9% $548KWAVES $2.8670 ↓2.4% $526KEOS $2.5279 ↓2.1% $498KALGO $0.2870 ↓5.4% $403KUNI $2.8589 ↓9.9% $350KCOMP $94.634 ↓8.0% $338KNANO $0.8797 ↑5.0% $331KSNX $3.7074 ↓0.4% $304KKSM $27.814 ↓4.0% $294KKAVA $1.8111 ↓7.8% $286KICX $0.3550 ↓5.1% $263KMLN $17.448 ↓4.4% $263KCRV $0.3585 ↓14% $257KXDG $0.0025 ↑0.07% $252KSC $0.0025 ↓8.8% $236KBAT $0.2084 ↓2.6% $230KETC $5.4664 ↓1.5% $219KREP $13.124 ↓4.2% $187KPAXG $1919.5 ↑0.4% $177KSTORJ $0.3715 ↓7.7% $173KGNO $49.295 ↑6.5% $131KQTUM $2.1465 ↓3.1% $128KKNC $0.8628 ↓5.2% $119KLSK $1.0717 ↓3.1% $85.6KREPV2 $13.001 ↓4.5% $48.0KBAL $12.340 ↓7.0% $29.4K

BTC Direct Raises $13 Million in Series A Funding; Bringing New Life to the Crypto Broker

BTC Direct, a Netherland-based fiat-to-crypto gateway platform, has raised around $13 Million in a Series A funding round. The funding round has brought in a new lease of life for the startup, which

Bitcoin Decoupling from The Stock Market is Here as BTC Eats Up Altcoin and DeFi Market

Bitcoin 2, everything else 0. This is the tally after Bitcoin continues to move up following yesterday's jump above $11,800. Today, the leading cryptocurrency actually hit $12,000 on Bitfinex, la

BTC-e Exchange Operator’s Trail for Bitcoin Fraud Begins in Paris

The four-day trial of Alexander Vinnik, 41, alleged to have used ransomware in a $157 million (135 million euros) bitcoin fraud that involved 200 victims, began in Paris on Monday. The Russian man who

Luno Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches Bitcoin Savings Wallet With a 4% Annual Interest Rate

Luno cryptocurrency exchange app is now offering a ‘savings wallet' that will allow its users to earn up to 4% in annual interest on BTC held. The exchange, which was recently acquired by po

FinCEN Penalizes ‘First’ Bitcoin Mixer, Helix, for Violating Anti-Money Laundering Laws

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network charged Larry Dean Hamon, the founder, and CEO of bitcoin mixer Helix and Coin Ninja, for violations of the Bank Secrecy Act. FinCEN imposed a penalty of $60

Bitcoin Soars Past $11,900, Leaving Bears, S&P 500, and Gold in the Dust

Bitcoin made a big move yesterday. The momentum followed Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's remarks on digital currency — “It's more important to get it right than to be first and

Bitcoin Miners Slow Down as Hash Rate Drops 26% But Miner Revenue Spikes

Over the weekend, the Bitcoin network's hash rate hit an all-time high as it has repeatedly been doing since the May halving when it dropped about 40%. During this time, the monthly miner revenue