Bitfinex Launches Perpetual Contracts Settled In Tether (USDt) for Europe 50 and Germany 30

According to a press release shared with Bitcoin Exchange Guide, the perpetual contracts will be on Europe 50 and Germany 30 and are set to go live on Monday. The firm also clarified that the new

KuCoin Hack: Exchange’s Insurance Fund to Cover User Loss “Completely,” Tether Freezes 33M USDT

The Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin released a statement regarding detecting large withdrawals on September 26, 2020, at 03:05:37 (UTC+8). The exchange has reportedly lost $150 million

Crypto Derivatives Exchange, Delta, Debuts Call and Put Options to be Settled in Tether (USDT)

Delta Exchange has begun the Call and Put options that will be settled via the USDT stablecoin, making a debut as the first crypto derivative platform to issue such products. The exchange, whose

Bitfinex Gets 90 More Days to Provide Tether Related Documents to The NYAG

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has been granted additional time to provide documents in a case filed last year by New York Attorney General (NYAG) Letitia James claiming that it hid the loss of more

Stablecoin Issuer Tether To Move $1B In USDt From TRON To Ethereum; Total Supply Unchanged

In an announcement made on Monday, the stablecoin issuer stated the swap will be completed in two tranches, starting Tuesday, September 15. A tweet from the official page of Tether vaguely stated the

Huobi Rolls Out Interest-Earning BTC & USDT Savings Products as Alternatives to Yield Farming

Huobi, one of the leading crypto derivatives exchanges globally, is expanding its footprint in the Centralized Finance (CeFi) space with a savings product that will allow its clients to earn interest

Tether Rolls Out USDT on Layer 1 Blockchain Solana; SOL Price Surges Over 40%

According to the announcement on September 9, USDT stablecoins will now be compatible with Solana's ecosystem, which means that users can leverage the platforms 50,000 TP/s and cheap transactions

Tether Saves the Day by Reversing a 1 Million ERC20-based USDT Transaction Sent to DEX Swerve

Some might say, Tether has saved the day. Surely for the degen whose million dollars was involved here. But not for the crypto industry, which promotes self-sovereignty. As Dovey Wan said, “It&#0

Shyft’s Veriscope Governance Task Force for AML Adds Bitfinex, Huobi, Tether, & Others

Shyft Network, a blockchain-oriented firm focused on KYC and AML solutions has added significant liquidity players in the crypto space, including Bitfinex, Unocoin, Tokocrypto, Haskey, and Tether to

Ethereum Network Needs ‘Drastic Increases in Scalability’ to Tackle the Skyrocketing Fees: Vitalik Buterin

On Tuesday, the average transaction fees on the Ethereum network climbed to a new peak at above $10, and gas prices went past 450 Gwei. In response, stablecoin Tether, the second biggest guzzler of