What Is COINadmin?

The new platform Coinadmin is designed to help you better mange your ICO crowdsale for new tokens by using new technology. The said advanced technology uses smart contracts to improve the operations of modern ICOs, making them safer with more trust for new investors.

Excuse me for being skeptical at first, but there are a lot of shady platforms online. For those of you new to cryptocurrency, ICOs are initial coin offerings or a way for new startup tech crypto companies to raise the funding needed to start their business. Getting a business off the ground is the hardest part of any company’s development.

How COINadmin Advanced ICO Launch Software Solution Platform Works

The platform works to help new startups raise funds from potential investors or backers. To gain trust, Coinadmin has developed a system to ensure new startups using the platform will be in full compliance with KYC modules.

Along with the funding platform, there will also be an option to instill a referral practice in new ICOs, to encourage new users to bring more investors in, thereby raising more capital.

According to the company website, Coinadmin has already helped several companies raise substantial amounts of money: CrowdWiz raised 7.3 million USD, JURY.ONLINE raised 5.5 million, ThinkCoin is still to be announced and Patron successfully raised 40 million USD through guidance given by Coinadmin. That’s not all however, other users of the platform like Mandala, ATFS and RAWG rose another collective 22 million USD minimum.

The platform works by accepting several different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, plus more than thirty others – not to mention fiat currency, credit cards and bank transfers. They’ve made it easy to use the system, and you can get a free consultation on the company website at any time.

The platform will help to manage a token’s entire ICO, with 24/7 support. Operating the platform to setup a new ICO only takes about 48 hours. Once completed the crowdsale is ready for launch. They’ve set up the platform to be extremely user friendly, so there are higher ROIs for anyone using the highly successful UX/UI features on the platform.

Lastly, the company makes setting up a new ICO safe, reliable and cost effective. The IT by the development team is efficient, meaning less work, less time and less money. They also use DDoS protection, with Google Cloud servers and two factor authorization, with the help of other third-party services to help instill the highest possible security on the company.

COINadmin Conclusion

So far, the company has helped more than fifteen ICOs raise over seventy million in United States Dollars to help get their startups off the ground. More than one hundred and thirty thousand people have participated in backing the companies featured on Coinadmin. They use smart contracts for performing company audits, allowing startups to issue ICO Coins without being a solidity programmer.

They’re supposedly backed by some of the several other companies like Docker, Php, MySQL, Node, Laravel, React and more. With the help of marketers among other, they’ve been able to deliver amazing results for companies investing with them for help. To learn more you can go directly to for all the companies information and a live demo on how the system operates.

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